I received a "lovely blog award" from Baron's Life! It's amazing how many lovely blogs there are around but here are some of my wonderful recent finds. (I know I'm not really following the rules but please excuse!)

Ulrika - i'm so in love with her lovely photographs! from sweden.
olivelse - such an enchanting blog from france.
mostly berlin - wonderful guide to berlin city with beautiful photographs!
{.: OLLA NANI-VISUAL MAKER :.} - super cute artist from melbourne. her photos and illustrations are superb!
Being - amazing photographer from malaysia. i love the light and the colours in her photos, so beautiful.
it will stop raining* - she 's so good at making food look OISHI! makes me hungry!!! :)
wgaw - opens up a totally new world to me!
A peaceful day - truly amazing to find what you can do with a blog!! great construction as well as the interesting stories told.
bonjour! - a really charming photo blog from canada!
Marty Party - beautiful images of Nagasaki through a young american photographer's eyes!

I'm supposed to list 15 but am running out of time, so that's it for now. I just so enjoy visiting everyones lovely blogs from all over the world, it's really cool. Thank you Baron's Life and do check out this post from his blog it's fun!
I had been so wondering what the soy source flavour ice cream tastes like for some time seeing it at a local supermarket. And I finally tried it!! One is soy source and the other is "Umi no Shio" - salt from the ocean - flavour. They are soooooo good (very delicate taste) that I regret for not trying earlier!

This company from Tosa in Shikoku Area of Japan makes ice cream and other sweet products using all natural and locally produced ingredients. I love their simple package designs too. I wish I could share the actual ice cream with you, but I can't find the way to do that so here are photos at least..

All below images are from tosa-ice.com (Japanese only).
Japan's top 11 architects designed glasses collaborating with Jin's Global Standard, a Japanese eyewear brand. They are all really cool designs and here are about half of them I picked out of eleven.
The top two are my favourites, the first one "Doodle" was designed by Sosuke Fujimoto, and the second by Kumiko Inui, "glasses that are unique and anonymous".

"Macarons" by Jun Aoki.

"Kurobuchi Megane (Black frame glasses)" by Junya Ishigami.
"Freehand Glasses" by Ryue Nishizawa of SANAA.
And last but not least, "Beige Glasses" by Kazuyo Sejima of SANAA.

You can see all of the eleven designs here.
Which one is your favourite?

Thank you to those who left comments on my previous post, i'm so grateful and at the same time i'm a bit overwhelmed. I never thought of taking photos of my neighbourhood before i started this blog, never thought there is anything attractive about it at all. But since i started sharing my photos here i slowly realised (or you made me realise) that there actually is something beautiful about what i see in my daily life that is worth photographing! So now I enjoy every casual walk or bike ride thanks to you and that is a real joy i find in my daily life. So thank you really!

Well, in the previous post i think i made many of you wonder what that strawberry thing is! Yes, it's a "strawberry house", the cutest sanrio shop filled with lots of kawaii stuff like HELLO KITTY. I was never really a big HELLO KITTY girl bit i used to loooove going in there when i was a little girl, it was like a dream, and now i go in there as a big girl to get little goodies for my little neice :)

Strawberry House
2-49-2 Denenchofu Ohta-ku Tokyo (google map)

P.S. I have updated my shop, lots of ku:nel and lingkaran backnumbers are now on sale! They are very popular so be quick ;)
If you can't find the "Add to Cart" button, that means it's sold out. But I take requests also so please feel free to ask me!
We had a couple of not-that-hot days last week, so I went for a walk with my camera. Visiting the local temple gave me a nice calm feelings, finding some new things such as sento (public bath) and an empty land now filled with sunflowers made me smile big. It's so interesting how much new stuff I find in my own area though I've been living here for so long.

Stephanie is in Tokyo! Check out her lovely blog for wonderful images of Tokyo :)

I'm planning a holiday, I will be going to Vietnam this time - so excited!

Well, it's already Friday night here in Tokyo. I need a drink now, hope you have a lovely weekend on your sides of the world!
I mentioned casually about my new shop in the previous post, but yes I have one called "UGUISU"! Thank you for those who have made visits! Above photos are some of the things I have put up in my online store, I am selling Japanese goodies such as Japanese interior/home magazines, craft books, stationery including popular masking tapes, linen kitchen towels, etc. Magazines are really popular and some have already gone but I'm getting some more up soon. Also I am waiting for LOTS more lovely stuff to arrive, so I will let you know when they are ready in my shop.

"UGUISU", pronounced like "oo + goo + eee + sue" in English way, is a name of the bird, translated to "Japanese Bush Warbler" or "Nightingale". It has a really distinctive singing call and we start to hear it in early spring (a lot more heard than seen), it's often thought as the sign of spring. I chose this name thinking it would be perfect for a great new start, of my new shop! (In Japan Spring is the start of a new school and business year!)

If you want to hear how UGUISU sings, here it is!
うぐいすは「ホーホケキョ」と なきます。

You can order via email if you prefer that way, or any questions, feedbacks, or requests are always welcome ;)
Thank you!
A website of MAJORICA MAJORICA, a cosmetic line from Shiseido has a really cute "Shiritori in French" contents with gorgeously sweet animated illustrations! "SHIRITORI" is a Japanese word game in which the players are required to say a word which begins with the final kana of the previous word. It's a good way to learn French too (or Japanese perhaps?), I just love it!

Here's my own shiritori set :Click on the image below to see it you won't regret it!

They even let you have the screen saver or your own Shiritori set with the word of your choice!!! You're actually asked to type in the word which you think is kawaii (cute, mignon) but I put in my blog name. You can also choose the colour of the writing too, this is actually a promotion for their eyeliners by the way.
You can have a go here at MAJORICA MAJORICA. It's only in Japanese so if you think it's too hard then I can make you one for you! Leave a comment with your choice of word and I will send you the capture image (and the link for your own screen saver if you want that too).
Masking tapes are fun!! And this book マスキングテープの本 - "A book of Masking Tapes" is a wonderful source for the creative ideas for them. The fabric of the skirt you see in the second picture was designed by mina perhonen, originally inspired by masking tapes!! Isn't it terrific!? The third picture is the three little girls of Minagawa san - the designer of mina perhonen. It's amazing how much you can do with these tapes. But the best thing is that you can take them off easily so that helps you to be even more creative! You can also see some other ideas introduced here at Hello Sandwich.

Well, I am not really a good craft person so am a bit embarassed but here are somethings I've done with the masking tapes.The first one, obviously inspired by theat skirt, quickly made a decorated envelope using a plane envelope from MUJI.Also a plane hard-cover book from MUJI. This could be a good one for making your own picture book or maybe a zine?And this, well not much use as a card after all, but could be applied for the gift wrapping perhaps?Just some (untidy) peta-peta sticky tapes on the wall.
AND NOW YOU CAN BUY SOME MASKING TAPES FROM MY SHOP!!!! yay! I've been working on this online shop to sell Japanese goodies for some time now, it's still a bit wonky but will try to make it better so please pay a visit if you have time. I will be adding LOTS more new stuff in the next 10 days or so, i will let you know when they're up.

Oh this is also something I want to recommend, an acrylic tape dispenser. Perfect for the masking tapes!
Weekday lunch special at D&Department.Browse the shop upstairs buy one thing or two.People are so good at foaming queues, I always find myself standing in the middle of nowhere. I get left out.Shibuya through a very thick glass.The Kabuki-za theatre, 302 days before the end of its 121 year history. Why do they have to demolish?Laduree, should really stay inside Paris, but anyway.