Finally, here are some photos from Kagoshima....
Sakurajima getting so active. It's one of the world's most active volcanoes, it's a great symbol of Kagoshima too. I took a ferry over to Sakurajima and drove around it in my last visit to Kagoshima - it was pretty amazing.

Terukuni Shrine. I like the area around here, I didn't go this time but Sengan-en (Iso Gardens) which is right next to this shrine is really lovely.

Sun was so strong in Kagoshima.

Every time I passed this department store Maruya Gardens I smiled :)

I had been wanting to visit this coffee shop which we regularly buy coffee beans from if we go to Kagoshima one day! So happy to have made it!!

Such a wonderful little place, people are so kind, had the best cappuccino I've ever had in a long while. Voila Coffee, the best!

Exploring the old warehouse area near the port.

Very nice shop and cafe set up in one of the old warehouses in the area, GOOD NEIGHBORS by Landscape Products.


Very random, but it was such a quick trip these are about all I could explore in very little time I had in Kagoshima I went last month. It was not really a holiday but still I got to enjoy it.
All were very good and here are some information to share:

Voila Coffee
2-2 Higashi-sengoku-cho Kagoshima-shi

Maruya Gardens (Department store)
6-5 Gofuku-cho Kagoshima-shi
Check out D&Department and Chin Jukan Pottery Store on 4th floor as well as the organic vegetable stall on the basement (weekend only).

GOOD NEIGBORS (Cafe/shop/gallery)
7-1 Sumiyoshi-cho Kagoshima-shi

Remm Kagoshima (Hotel)
Very convenient location, reasonable, clean, modern and only 3 minutes walk from Voila Coffee!

Kumaso Tei (restaurant)
Good place to experience the Satsuma local traditional cuisine.

Sengan-en (Iso Gardens)
9700-1Yoshinocho, Kagoshima City, 892-0871, Japan


Kagoshima is a really lovely place, I hope to go back again for longer and more relaxed holiday!

By the way, if you are planning to travel to Japan you can not miss Alice's amazing travel journey she made in Japan earlier this year, she shares her experience and addresses of all the incredible places she went to such as Naoshima, Teshima, Takamatsu, Okinawa and Tokyo with her beautiful photographs!
Check out her lovely blog Quaint Living!

Cricket chirping was replaced by that of cicadas and it felt like autumn for a little while, but summer is back and is still sticking around. Even cicadas are back. But hopefully this will be the last post talking (or complaining) about summer, I've had it. Although...I finally took the film to have it developed so I may be posting some photos from this summer later. Hope that's okay ;)

Earlier this month, I launched a new website for my online store, it took me so long to finally have it up since I started thinking about and working on it, like over 3 years ago....  When you are your own client and have no deadline it can take forever and it seemed it will never be done but it's done and I'm so pleased. I hope you will pop by and have a look if you have a moment -->

I have a limited section for selling international artists works which I sell in my tokyo store, currently listed are lovely potholders by Renilde and postcards by Mary. I had Ros's zine too but it's already sold out! You can still order it directly from Polkaros shop.

Another thing..., lovely Ishtar asked me to do an interview for her charming blog a little while ago and it's up on her blog now, I'm talking about my shop and some thoughts behind it as well as little about my life in Tokyo. Thank you Ishtar for putting it together so nicely, and even with Spanish translations!

UGUiSU♥ on Ishtar Olivera

I hope you are all enjoying the lovely change of the seasons, either moving to autumn or spring.
And happy weekend!