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Another typhoon is hitting Tokyo this morning, my July (and August) also seems to have came and gone almost like a typhoon.

This July marked 7 years since I started UGUiSU, and in this special month I was lucky enough to have made my long time dream of having a pop up shop in Melbourne to come true. My last visit to Melbourne was 7 years ago so it had been a long time, when I first moved to Melbourne was something like...almost 20 years ago so, that is like another lifetime. Scary.

I am also realising that it was right after my last trip to Melbourne when I decided to start this blog (which then led me to start UGUiSU), I did not care if anyone would read it or I really thought no one would be interested but I felt I needed to use English more to keep it up so I made this blog and started posting some photos and blurbs. Maybe no one saw them but my first posts were actually Melbourne. (It's sad that this beautiful hotel I stayed is no longer there.)

I was just super crazy busy during my trip but I did enjoy some really great food and places so I will start posting about them!