Kawai Kanjiro's House

Old and beautiful things, houses and architecture always attract me so much. If it is hidden away on a narrow backstreet it's perfect.

Kawai Kanjiro is a Japanese master potter, sculptor, calligrapher, designer, poet and writer who is also known as a key figure in the Mingei (Japanese folk art) movement in the 1920s. In the Kawai Kanjiro's House, which is Kanjiro's home made into a museum, it shows the incredible beauty that he lived with. The garden, a little tea room and a big kiln at the back are all inside this wonderful gem of a place and I was deeply struck with admiration... Could easily spend the whole afternoon here but the cold January weather (of Kyoto!) and the lack of time helped us end our exploration.

Kawai Kanjiro's House Website (Japanese)
Kawai Kanjiro's House information on Welcome to Kyoto Website (English)