My favourite season, back in early April when it was all magical, cheerful and beautiful. I took the courage to go down to to Nakameguro although for some years now I have only seen the cherry blossoms in Nakameguro from the station platform but soon after I started walking along the canal I could not cope with the crowd so I walked away from it towards Meguro along the canal Meguro-gawa. It doesn't take so long before you are free from the busy area, the canal gets so much wider and it feels nice. (See my post from 2011 to see the Nakameguro sakura) It was meant to be a quick stop after my dentist visit but it was hard to stop and I kept on walking to Shirokanedai past Meguro taking so many pictures. It was really beautiful.


I had an American gentleman visiting my store the other day, out of the two stores option he was given to visit and purchase some items for his wife he chose my store as mine looked more independent. I thought that was a really nice way of choosing things, and of course I felt so grateful for the kind thought. There are hundreds of nice stores across Tokyo and especially for my store being so hidden people have to have a good reason to take a bit of effort to come and visit, so I really do appreciate people who visit my store each time. Some really kind people say to me it is a good treat for them to come to my store but that sweet thought and gesture always make it a huge treat for me.

I love people who can naturally make others feel so warm.