Sakura, on instagram
I can't believe how quickly sakura came into full bloom this year, they started to pop out about 10 days earlier than usual and once they started to pop out they were in full bloom before I knew it! Sakura blossoms only stay for about a week so I tried to go and see them as much as I can, just around in my neighbourhood. I will share more photos when I get my film developed later.

Sakura shots from previous years are here:
Kamakura, Jiyugaoka & Nakameguro, Nakameguro 2011 (when they didn't put lanterns because of the Fukushima incident), Jiyugaoka & Yagumo (Meguro), Kuhombutsu (Jiyugaoka), Denenchofu & Jiyugaoka, Denenchofu 2010, etc, etc...

I hope Spring is bringing you many little happy moments like it is to me.

P.S. I didn't realise but my blog turned 4 this March!! Wow!

This made me smile this week: Beautiful Zine by Mary.

Six Ten is a series of photographs taken by the author during her stay at the Cité Radieuse in Marseille, France.

48 pg, 13.5 x 18 cm, b/w risograph, staple bound
23.5 x 34.5 cm insert, b/w risograph, folded
numbered edition of 50, 2013.

Check out Mary's new booklet by Booklet Press of Tokyo.
I also sell Mary's beautiful photography post card set in my Tokyo store, which will be available for purchase online soon!
It's getting much warmer and the day is getting longer, I have been enjoying my walks a lot these days. Sakura has already started to pop out, much earlier than usual, in a couple of weeks time entire Tokyo will turn all pale pink and pretty. I can't wait!!!
(You will soon start seeing my sakura photos here, but you can see them from previous years here, if you like :) )
My latest favourite lunch and coffee place in Nakameguro is TASTE & SENSE which is tucked inside a lovely store 1LDK aparments. I love taking a walk to this place from my house when I feel like having a good cup of coffee :)

1F 1-7-13 Kamimeguro Meguro-ku Tokyo 153-0051 (google map)
good bye shibuya plathome
shibuya station
Tomorrow, Shibuya station on Toyoko Line will close for good. Toyoko Line will be connected with the Tokyo Metro Fuku-Toshin Line so the platform will move underground and all of what you see in above photos will be gone.

Toyoko Line has always been a "home line" for me all my life, my school was in the Shibuya neighbourhood so there were times I used this station every day. And of course I use it whenever I travel further from here to change to other lines. I never really thought of it this way but this station has been a big part of my life almost! It's kind of sad not to see this anymore, not that it was beautiful or that there was anything that attracted me, but I found 3 photos of this station I have taken in the past so I thought I'd do a farewell post to the Shibuya station.

Sayonara & Arigatou.

P.S. Another thing I will miss when it's gone is the Google Reader!! What will I do now????

P.P.S. It may have been a little confusing, but it's only the Toyoko Shibuya station that will close, and the rest such as JR and Odakyu stations in Shibuya will stay. So Hachiko will also stay!

Every year I am amazed at how new lives pop out as if all promised as spring approaches, even the trees that looked just dead from winter gets new lives. Love finding signs of spring everywhere.

Today marks 2 years since the great disaster of March 11, 2011. Two years. It makes me think a lot, remembering the devastation, sorrow, fear, all that surreal moments and emotions. We forget things and take it for granted that we always have "normal" every day, but to be able to live "normally" is such a precious thing. I am reminded of that thinking back those few months after the incident when I could not live my "normal" life.


I have been cat-spamming everyone on Instagram lately (sorry), this adorable fluffy red tabby that lives around my shoppe building and I am crazed about him, obviously.
He first showed up a few months ago, looking at me from the back door. He likes to keep certain distance between us so I talk to him from about a meter away, when I start talking he always shut his eyes and make this really cute face! I always think he is my maneki-neko (fortune cat) :)

And yesterday, I had a really happy surprise.... Mogu-chan did the cutest illustration of my fortune cat for me!!!!!!! She says it's only a doodle, it's soooo cute isn't it! She even included the mimosa that just started blooming in front of the building. Thank you so much Mogu-chan!

Mogu Takahashi