I received a "lovely blog award" from Baron's Life! It's amazing how many lovely blogs there are around but here are some of my wonderful recent finds. (I know I'm not really following the rules but please excuse!)

Ulrika - i'm so in love with her lovely photographs! from sweden.
olivelse - such an enchanting blog from france.
mostly berlin - wonderful guide to berlin city with beautiful photographs!
{.: OLLA NANI-VISUAL MAKER :.} - super cute artist from melbourne. her photos and illustrations are superb!
Being - amazing photographer from malaysia. i love the light and the colours in her photos, so beautiful.
it will stop raining* - she 's so good at making food look OISHI! makes me hungry!!! :)
wgaw - opens up a totally new world to me!
A peaceful day - truly amazing to find what you can do with a blog!! great construction as well as the interesting stories told.
bonjour! - a really charming photo blog from canada!
Marty Party - beautiful images of Nagasaki through a young american photographer's eyes!

I'm supposed to list 15 but am running out of time, so that's it for now. I just so enjoy visiting everyones lovely blogs from all over the world, it's really cool. Thank you Baron's Life and do check out this post from his blog it's fun!


  1. Thank you Hiki-san for this great list! I especially love 'Ulrika' - amazing images! and 'It will stop raining*' looks soooooo oishi!
    Hope you have a gorgeous Tokyo day!
    Love Love
    Hello Sandwich

  2. You can't believe how honoured I am to be included in such illustrious company. Thank you so much, Hik-san - your vote of confidence means a great deal to me.

  3. Hiki,
    Congrats! And thanks for sharing all these awesome blogs! I love Celine's Bonjour blog for her lovely photos and also aixxx's food blog :)

  4. ooo, thanks for sharing links to other people's blogs!
    and congratulations! i love reading your blog!

  5. thank you so much hiki for mentioning these new blogs! i really enjoyed looking through them! i even liked some SO much i had to save them for myself :-)
    great finds !!

  6. Hiki! I am so very honoured to be on your list. Thank you soo much!
    Hugs from Sweden

  7. Hi and thank you everyone for your kind comments :)
    They are all lovely people aren't they? And you truly are lovely people you know ;)

    love your selection, thanks a lot for sharing ;-)

  9. hello hiki!
    I am so honoured to be on your list! Thank you so much!!
    I am definately going to click through all these lovely blogs!
    have a great weekend!

  10. hiki, thanks so much - i'm feeling very honoured!
    love your blog!
    kristina (mostly berlin)

  11. wow.
    this is very surprising and i'm very honored and still surprised by this. thank you!!! :D

    -rachel chew

  12. thankyou for such a great collection of new blogs to see - they are all so great!!

  13. Hello Hiki-san,

    I was wondering whether I could use one of your beautiful photos to illustrate a post 'boasting' about your praise of my blog?

    I was thinking possibly about one of your traditional Kanazawa pics perhaps?

    Thank you again for your nice words!!

  14. Hello Jeanne,

    Yes of course you can use them as long as you metion they are from here!! No worries :)

    Thank you Jeanne!


  15. Thanks to feature my blog, darl...
    I am going to your shop now...
    want to buy some of Lingkaran magazine...
    Unique name, because Lingkaran in Indonesian means 'Circle'

    Kiss from Melbourne


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