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01: Lobby at D&Department Tokyo.

02-04: Spiral Market - one of my favourite shops in Omotesando. Went to see a little exhibition which Makoto Kagoshima was participating. Yes I got one the plates! See bree's this post to find out more about Makoto-san.

05: Lisa Larson Design Store in Shibuya. (apparently it was a limited store and now it's finished.)

I think I prefer the quiet part.

vietnam festival
September in Tokyo is the festival season, almost every weekend you'd bump into one or two matsuri (festival) that are held at the shrines here and there. I love the lights and the smell of the matsuri, always reminds me of the excitement and the "doki-doki" feelings I used to have there when I was a child. Talking about the festival, I did go to the Vietnam Festival in Yoyogi as I mentioned here before. Well it was bit of a disappointment, and there's not much to say about it.

The third photo is from the crazy Shibuya crossing I took during the day. I don't go to Shibuya unless I have to which normally doesn't happen so often, but I don't know how many times I went in September, many many times! One day I overheard an American tourist murmur in the exhausted voice "Oh I don't know, but Tokyo seems a little too crowded. *sigh*", I felt exactly the same but at the same time I felt sorry for him and hoped that he got to see the better parts of Tokyo.

Oh and here is a good memory of September from last year, my darling little neice at the local matsuri ;)
sunday lunch
sunday lunch
fabric love
fabric love
hair dresser's window
red wall
mikoshiThough I did go to Vietnam and you've been seeing so much of it recently on my blog, I was still spending most of September in Tokyo. Actually there's quite a lot I have done after coming back from my holidays.

One of the most exciting events was meeting up with lovely Stephanie who is temporarily living in Tokyo. On one beautiful Sunday afternoon, we did a good strolling around in the neighbourhoods around Daikanyama. Curry and Yebisu(beer) at Bombay Bazar, looking at some nice little shops including the fabulous fabric shop I had been longing to go to (who didn't want us taking photos of, hence no shop info here. well i took these photos before we were asked to stop.), stopping for some Japanese sweets in Nakameguro, then we walked all the way up to Ebisu passing a live mikoshi parade from a nearby shrine festival. A beautiful fuschia sky greeted us when we reached at the Ebisu Garden Place and that was a perfect finish to our long (and lovely) afternoon walks. My photo didn't come out so well but do check out Stephanie's from this post!

Just the other day, a box of nashi pears arrived at my door all out of blue. It was a total surprise and was from my lovely friend who lives in Tochigi prefecture, north of Tokyo. They were the biggest and most delicious nashi I had ever seen or tasted I felt so spoiled! I used to be able to buy nashi pears in Australia but they were not the same. I'm sure you can get them in other countries too but it's best to try them in the homeland so if you are ever in Japan in late summer to early autumn please do try them!
You can learn more about the nashi pear here ;)

Well it's already Friday night here, hope your weekends will be wonderful!

next door
restaurant by the lake
lovely costume
lovely costume
museum of fine art
lemon yellow
boulangerie du vietnam
cafe mai
through the fish tank
pretty wallpaperOK, so this is going to be my last post on Vietnam (finally), just with some random shots. The section of the costume for various Vietnamese tribes at the Vietnam Fine Art Museum was VERY interesting. Coffee and baguette were really good, I love their coffee with sweet condensed milk at the bottom. I'm trying to have my coffee in Vietnamese way at home now. It's really good if you like to have your coffee sweet and with milk you should try it ;) If you are going to Hanoi, Cafe MAI is the best!

So Vietnam, I think I'm going to have to see you again! You make me intrigued more so after I left!
The latest issue of ku:nel magazine is out now! This issue is featuring on outdoors and forests: cooking in the forest, mushrooms found in the woods, amazing little "mushroom house" in the forest, and outdoor fashion etc. You can get this new ku:nel vol.40 now from my shop!
hanoi in lights
crazy riders
hanoi in lights
water puppet show
the lake at night
the lake at night
When the night falls the city shows a totally different appearance. It was really pretty around the lake (though my photos didn't come out so nicely), and there were so many people around enjoying their night walks in their pyjamas(!) all relaxed and looking happy. The trafic gets even more crazy at night and it was totally amazing I wondered where they come from and where they are headed. But actually this fabulous photo of Shibuya crossing at night by Stephanie reminded me how I'm so used to it and that I don't even think it's that crazy but actually it can be EVEN MORE crazy than Hanoi's craziness at night! I really thought about it when I was crossing right there in Shibuya tonight, it's kind of scary!!!!

Anyway, after passing all the crazy crossings in Hanoi and when we returned to our hotel there we saw a beautiful full moon. Yes it was perfect.
full moon
I have updated my shop today and restocked some items including popular tracing paper envelopes, some masking tapes that had been out of stock for a while.

This time I have some new items such as Cotton & Linen Cloth Tapes. I have polka dot patterned ones that are 100% cotton and the plane ones that are 100% linen. They are great for binding zines, decorating books, gift wrapping and lots more! I just quickly turned my plane notebook I got from MUJI the other day into a cute new look in only 10 seconds with the Cotton Cloth Tape {Polka Dot Red}. So easy.
Also now I have more new colours of Japanese Masking Tapes and I made a quick mosaic here so you can see what I've got now in my shop all in a glance. For cute singles:And the cool sets:
Do you see anything you like? I hope you do and if you do please check out my shop. Thank you ;)