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It's in the middle of the rainy season here in Tokyo but luckily we had some not-too-bad weather over the weekend. Today we walked to Nakameguro then to Ebisu and visited some really lovely shops which I had been wanting to see for some time - they were all so amazing and I was all so inspired. I will post about my new finds later when I get the film developed after I finish the roll.

One of the things I saw today was this awesome exhibition of succulent plants at Lim Art. It will be on until 27th June so do check it out if you love plants and amazing nature of them.

Hope your weekend has been good too :)

(Photos above are from some Sundays ago, mainly taken around Aoyama.)

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I accidentally found these new yukata by minä perhonen and could not resist sharing them here. I have to have one of these. This is bad, very bad.....

In case you wonder what yukata is, it's a casual version of kimono often made of cotton fabric which we wear in summer in Japan. I had one made some years ago but I have been wanting to get a new one for a long time now this seems to be "the one" but, oh, well let's see.

Random shots from a walk to and from Sangenjaya, two Sundays ago.