I never knew what I recognise as "that old and huge house on the corner" which I have passed countless times ever since I was a child has been turned into such an exquisite tea house until I saw this amazing post by uponafold who seems to have the best eyes for finding the best designs and places in Japan than anyone from Japan (seriously!). Baishinka - Yakumosaryo is produced by the same people of HIGASHIYA which I never got a chance to visit before they closed it, so I was really happy to find that this beautiful space is within an easy bike riding distance from my apartment.

I think I have said it many times here before but I love old Japanese house. Sadly many of the beautiful and big old houses get demolished because of the high inheritance tax in Japan, but what they did to this house is truly admirable.

Yakumo Saryo - Baishinka
3-4-7 Yakumo, Meguro-ku Tokyo (google map)
It's in a little tricky location but there is a bus from Jiyugaoka that goes here. Take Tokyu Bus #11 that goes to Shibuya, get off at Yagumo Koukou and walk back a couple of minutes. Or you can walk from Jiyugaoka or Toritsudaigaku station, both a 15-minute-plus walk. If you prefer to walk it's easier from Jiyugaoka, just walk along Jiyu-Dori Street.


Tokyo Oasis released last weekend in Tokyo is another film made by the same production team of Kamome Diner, Megane, Pool and Mother Water (but not the same director who directed Kamome Diner). In the previous works it was all filmed somewhere other than Tokyo: Helsinki, Yoron Island, Changmai and Kyoto, but this time as you can all probably guess it was filmed in Tokyo. It's about lives and the relationships with other people of the Tokyoites which anyone who lives in this city may be able to relate themselves to. I still haven't seen it so there is not much more I can say here now but hope it's good!


Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum holds the annual Art Deco Palace Exhibition which actually doesn't exhibit anything but to showcase the architecture itself as a piece of art. Some rooms can only be seen during this special occasion. The museum building was built in 1938 as the residence of the Prince Asaka Family and is also known as "The Art Deco Palace". Yes, Art Deco!

I love coming to this museum and every time I come here I can not help gazing at every little detail that attracts and destructs me from what is being exhibited, but when I come here for this annual exhibition it's a different story. I can only look at the architecture and interior as much as I like, and the best part is that only during this exhibition they allow you to take photographs inside! Unlike last time I came here to take photos some years ago today was unbelievably crowded with people (with over 80% of the visitors being senior citizens!) and it was so hard to take photos :( I tried to wait and get shots without people in them many many times but my patience snapped before I could snap the shot! I might try and go back again before this exhibition ends at the end of the month before closing for renovation for a while, perhaps early in the morning when people start showing up.... if I can, hmmm.

I received a copy of an Australian men's magazine Smith Journal from Frankie Press in the mail the other day when I had forgotten I ordered it for R a while ago.
This twice yearly publication for "discerning gents (and ladies who like reading about discerning gents)" is full of lovely photography, stories, people, fashion and gentlemanly style. This is their first issue and is quite a worthwhile read, or perhaps I should say "a bloody good read"!

I don't know if anyone noticed, but the photos I posted on the previous post and the above 2 shots were taken with my another new old camera olympus travel 35 (with speria x-tra 400). It was my first roll of film with this camera and so many shots didn't turn out very well but I hope I can get the hang of it soon!

Tokyo is having a stormy weather today (and so the Momiji Ichi Craft Market is called off, but hopefully the weather will be nice tomorrow! Check out Hello Sandwich's post from last year's Momiji Ichi!)

Happy weekend to you all!

P.S. Mogu-chan is having an exciting exhibition at the cute furniture shop UNICO in their Marunouchi store until 13 November! Check it out it looks really nice, and it's all free ;)

Last week on a beautiful day I had the pleasure of meeting wonderful Aron from Make it Easy who is now in Tokyo for a month from Hawaii! We rode around on our bikes to the park where we had a little picnic with obento and ebisu beer, and to Tama River then back to Jiyugaoka. The weather in Tokyo has been beautiful and perfect for bike riding I really enjoyed our fun afternoon adventure :)

Aron has been taking and posting cool pictures of Tokyo on his blog and they just make me smile and happy! I think you will enjoy them too ;)