Today more than ever I feel so thankful and spent my day thinking of all the happy faces and kind gestures so many people have performed on me and my shoppe in the past 3 years . My physical store turned 3 today, I could never imagine it to come as far as here, especially in the first 2 years when keeping positive thoughts often seemed the hardest thing. I've had so many ups and downs but I could make it through because of everyone who supported in all possible ways from near and far. It feels almost miracle but I always saw a tiny light of hope in every compliment someone gave me with the kindest words or in the glow in their eyes, when you know they mean it it becomes the best gift to wish for. When someone personally recommended to their friends who they think might enjoy my store, that also really touched. I am a very lucky person obviously but I hope I can also be the one to give as much love as I receive. My journey will go on and I am ready to challenge what's more to come.

photo by kazuhiro terauchi for The Weekender (big thanks to maria!)

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