I mentioned casually about my new shop in the previous post, but yes I have one called "UGUISU"! Thank you for those who have made visits! Above photos are some of the things I have put up in my online store, I am selling Japanese goodies such as Japanese interior/home magazines, craft books, stationery including popular masking tapes, linen kitchen towels, etc. Magazines are really popular and some have already gone but I'm getting some more up soon. Also I am waiting for LOTS more lovely stuff to arrive, so I will let you know when they are ready in my shop.

"UGUISU", pronounced like "oo + goo + eee + sue" in English way, is a name of the bird, translated to "Japanese Bush Warbler" or "Nightingale". It has a really distinctive singing call and we start to hear it in early spring (a lot more heard than seen), it's often thought as the sign of spring. I chose this name thinking it would be perfect for a great new start, of my new shop! (In Japan Spring is the start of a new school and business year!)

If you want to hear how UGUISU sings, here it is!
うぐいすは「ホーホケキョ」と なきます。

You can order via email if you prefer that way, or any questions, feedbacks, or requests are always welcome ;)
Thank you!


  1. dear hiki,
    hello ! i can't wait for your next update of your lovely online shop ! :)

  2. Ooh La La! What lovely things... I think a set of that black masking tape has my name on it, but might wait until you have more magazines in stock.
    Also, can you describe/translate for me the word 'zakka'. I have seen it used before, but would love for you to clarify.

  3. Hiki, Congratulations on your new shop! How very exciting!!! I will be checking in on your shop as well! Congrats, congrats again! Let's pop the champagne open!

  4. It looks wonderful...congratulations!

  5. How DELIGHTFUL! I will definitely be visiting!

  6. congrats! やっぱり日本の雑誌が一番:)

  7. Hiki-san, your shop is so popular that every magazine I wanted to buy was sold out! Congratulations.

    It's really encouraging and I'm so grateful!

    mizu designs - sorry about the sold out, I will be adding more magazines soon!

    georgina - "zakka" literally means "many things" but is used as a term to describe things for improving home/interior, fashion accessory and often stationery is included. Zakka means all the goodies we love!

  9. i look forward to purchasing from your wonderful offerings form japan :-)
    i bet that bird has magic powers!

  10. I'm going to get some stuff from your shop soon... SO good selection.
    Could you tell me where is the museum you've been to ? You know, the one that we could see on the Atticus Jackson's picture on my blog... Dying to know. merci merci !

  11. very cool shop hiki! i've just had a quick look at it but shall take a closer look soon :)

  12. Hey Aron,
    I look forward to sending you stuff from my shop! yay! yea, hope that bird brings me magic powers ;)

    Bonsoir Marion,
    Oh i'm so glad you like what i'm putting up in my shop! yes that museum is in Kanazawa city which is about an hour flight from tokyo. I've posted about it here so you can have a look : http://jollygoo.blogspot.com/2009/06/trip-to-kanazawa-03-21st-century-museum.html

    Hi Mary,
    thank you so much for taking your time to visit my shop! i will try to make it look better, so please do come back :)

  13. Congratulations on your new store and best of luck

  14. Hey, good luck with the shop, it looks wonderful!!


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)