My favourite Tsubaki (Camellia japonica) oil from Kyoto.

Spice bottles.

Pomegranate and apple juice from junzosen 順造選, tasty and good for women's health.

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Sakura - cherry blossoms are starting to bloom.
All above photos are from previous year.
My favourite time of year in Tokyo is almost here!

Eiffel Tower and Anemone.
My favourite two things became my new hanko (stamp).

Great designs from Jurgen Lehl.

Harimi (or Chiritori) meaning "dustpans" in Japanese, has been one of the essential tools for Japanese homes for a long time. This paper made Harimi from Shirakiya Denbei is coated with persimmon tannin which works as repellent as well as preventing static . It is very light, but is rimmed with bamboo so it has enough strength too.

Shirakiya Denbei also makes great bamboo brooms which they have been doing since 1830 in the Edo period. I got a little one to match the "harimi" but will try to get the big one (like this one) in the near future.

Shirakiya Denbei official website (Japanese only)
You can buy "Harimi" (paper dustpan) from srou web shop.
Large size also available.

This Cooks Dry Measure from LABOUR AND WAIT is my all time favourite.
Great design, just very simple and has got all you need for measuring ingredient.

LABOUR AND WAIT comes from London, we have a shop that sell some stuff from them in Tokyo, but not enough. I can't wait till I walk into their shop in London - looks perfect!

A package arrived out of blue a few days before my birthay from my best friend. I was just so caught by this most beautiful package - paulownia wood box (which is commonly used in Japan for traditional packaging) with exclusive hand painting on top! The pink string bundled is done in the way they do on obi of kimonos and the colour is working perfectly as well.

I was so overwhelmed by its fabulous presentation but inside there were 3 different types of exclusive honey which I absolutely loved!!

This special hand painted box is only available from HACCHI's Shinjuku Takashimaya store.

This cute little boutique hotel I stayed in Melbourne last month was so lovely! Beautiful old building, very modern and warm deco throughout the hotel, friendly staff and great continental breakfast. This is a place to stay if you want something different.

The Hatton Hotel Melbourne