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Thank you so much for all your sweet words about my new shop! I have done 4 weekends (including the pre-opening week) so far and it's been really nice. Lovely friends coming to visit and I have many little happy surprises every week :)

My friend Ros just did an amazing post on my shop over at Poppytalk - thank you Ros that was so kind of you!!!
Ebo-chan of Hello Sandwich who recently published this incredible book so kindly came with Mr Y - thank you Ebo-chan!

And also, I was really lucky that Priscilla Ahn - a pretty/talented/lovely/cool singer song writer from L.A. - could come to my shop during her 5 day promotion trip to Tokyo! Priscilla has just released her best album that includes a song she wrote for a TV drama on NHK! She brought her lovely friend Emi Myer who is also a singer song writer from US and so I had two of the beautiful singers in my tiny shop!! That was really amazing and I was so happy, thank you pretty ladies :)

Just before Priscilla came to Tokyo I finished the makeovers of her website, I hope you go visit it and don't forget to check out her new online store also where you can buy her CDs that are hard to get in some countries!

Well, so November has been pretty much all work for me, but now I am starting to take more photos so I will update my blog more with some Tokyo pics.

Thank you once again for all your encouraging words and wishes (as ALWAYS!)!