We had a couple of not-that-hot days last week, so I went for a walk with my camera. Visiting the local temple gave me a nice calm feelings, finding some new things such as sento (public bath) and an empty land now filled with sunflowers made me smile big. It's so interesting how much new stuff I find in my own area though I've been living here for so long.

Stephanie is in Tokyo! Check out her lovely blog for wonderful images of Tokyo :)

I'm planning a holiday, I will be going to Vietnam this time - so excited!

Well, it's already Friday night here in Tokyo. I need a drink now, hope you have a lovely weekend on your sides of the world!


  1. Eat lots of nice things in Vietnam! I like your neighborhood. Strawberry shop?

  2. I want to go to that strawberry!

    Hiki, those two last shots are just exquisite!

  3. your neighborhood looks so nice. I imagine Japan to be completely in these nice old-fashioned film colours since I've started reading your blog! what a nice place it must be.

  4. I wish I can visit my best friend in Japan this year,
    and very lovely photos...=D

  5. Lovely neighbourhood you have there! I see that it has a temple, pretty sunflowers and quaint cafes :) What is the shop that is shaped like a strawberry? Recently I'm starting to appreciate my neighbourhood too, for the comfort and peacefulness it gives me :)

  6. oh. love these photos from your walk! what's the giant orange about? is that a café? -- a friend of mine is travelling to tokyo tomorrwo. i'm so jealous... :)

    thanks also for your kind comment on my blog!
    have a good weekend.

  7. i'd really like that drink in the second-to-last photo. looks good...
    have a great weekend.

  8. Swoon... Love the strawberry as well!

    You'll love Vietnam. It is just so picturesque.

    You've given my no option but to plan another trip to Japan now that I've discovered your blog. Oh dear... at least living vicariously is free!!

  9. That looks so lovely Hiki-san!
    I am so envious! Is that a giant ichigo? KAWAIIII!
    I am off now to my first lesson in Japanese Certificate 3! eek! It's going to be hard! (>_<)
    Wish me luck.
    Have a happy Saturday!
    Love Love
    Hello Sandwich

  10. what a picturesque neighbourhood you live in!

  11. ps - i just ordered tennen seikatsu from uguisu!!! so very excited ne - your store is WONDERFUL:)

  12. have fun planning your trip to vietnam!

  13. OH i should have been a bit faster!!!(
    next time!!
    lovely stuff

    xxx gini

  14. Such a nice place and great pictures...Domo Arigato for sharing such loveliness with us.

  15. Your neighbourhood is so nice, i wish i could say the same of mine:-(, but there are some nice places in Antwerp.
    I would like to go in the temple once.

  16. oh you're very lucky to walk around there, beautiful! hope one day i'll be also walking in the streets of tokyo!

  17. Thank you everyone for lovely comments!! You really make my day i'm really happy i have this blog because of you!

    Well, that strawberry, I think i need to post about it, you'll learn more soon ;)

  18. always beautiful!
    i seen that strawberry store in another picture on flickr before! its so interesting and great

  19. another lovely set! i especially love the coin laundry one. i am definitely taking my old pentax to japan with me now! have a lovely time in vietnam. i was there a few years ago and i hope to go back and explore the northern part of the country next time. looking forward to seeing the pictures from your trip!

  20. hi, hiki-san. i did spend most of my time in and around ho chi minh city. i made it up to hue, then headed to laos from there, i believe...northern vietnam is BEAUTIFUL, i hear! i'm jealous! :)

  21. hi hiki! thanks for the welcome back comment on my blog. have a great time in vietnam, i hope to see pictures of that trip.

  22. the first picture is so beautiful... looks so quiet... is this the temple?
    and the sunflower field!
    and the café!!
    thank you so much for these images...


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)