I don't know where February went, but there is only about 5 minutes left of it now. Too many things left undone, but I finally had one of them ticked off the list today by going to my favourite little place seen in the first photo above (that photo is from a few years ago) to see my favourite mimosa and my favourite lovely older couple. They are truly gorgeous people, I always dreamed of becoming like them when I'm about 50 with my future husband :) I used to see them every week for some years, but I had missed them for the past 2 years.

I wanted to go there while mimosa flowers are at their best which had to be this weekend, however today the day started off with pouring rain and so I decided to stay home trying to get some more work done. But as all of a sudden the rain stopped and the sun came out shining later in the afternoon, I thought "good, now I HAVE TO GO!" then rushed off and I'm really glad I did.

I had such a lovely time catching up with them in their charming little tea room and it really made my day, made my February. And it was that yellow again, a perfect finish to my February, the month of yellow ;)

Also please check out a new and the last post of this month here.

How was your February? I hope you all had a wonderful month. I appreciate receiving so many comments left on my previous post, that cafe obviously will be everyone's favourite! Have a lovely new week to you all!

And last but not least, I pray for piece for the people in Chile, hoping the damage made from this earthquake will be calmed at minimum...

I'm so in love with this cafe I posted earlier it's my favourite space in Tokyo right now. The bottom 2 shots are from when I went there with Hello Sando when I met up with her while she was in Tokyo, it was a great fun. I have a cute shot of lovely Ebony standing in front of the cafe, but I will keep it to my memory, ne :)
like diamonds

Aoyama is a nice area to just wonder around taking photos. It gets prettier in the evening. The main purpose of going to Aoyama this time was the Watari-um museum (one of my favourite museums in Tokyo) to get to the last day of the Luis Barragan exhibition. Barragan is a true master, a colour genius and light magician I really I admire him but it was far too crowded. I should never rush in on the last day of anything, I told myself so for the hundredth time. I really have to go to Mexico, then I thought for the thousandth time.

Happy weekend to you all! Friday is about to end in Tokyo.
tokyo sky
relaxingThis must be one of my favourite angles. I took the first one last week in Roppongi Hills, and it reminded me of the second photo I took ages ago in TATE Modern, London (sorry i only had it in small size), and then the third photo popped in to my head it's from the National Art Centre Tokyo from my first visit there when it first opened some years ago. I like it when they all connect.

Yes that miranda july I saw at ii-ne-kore!
Lovely HelloSandwich Ebo-chan so kindly brought me a copy of Frankie current issue for me which I had cheekily requested. I picked up my first Frankie mag at Cairns airport last February when I was there on a 3-hour transit from Melbourne waiting for my next plane back to Tokyo. It surely saved me from dying of boredom! I was hoping to read more of it so I'm really happy to finally have a new copy of it in my hands :) (I just found out that I can buy it at Aoyama Book Centre... still it's nice to think it came directly to me carried by Ebony.)

Sweet Ebony even got me a copy of another great Australian magazine Dumbo feather, pass it on, I love how it's done, such inspiring designs and photographs it's really cool. Thank you Arigato so much Ebony-chan, you are the sweetest ;)

What are your favourite local magazines? I would love to find out about more cool mags that are published outside Japan!

P.S. Check out marie's shop now with some lovely new items!
P.P.S. New post here at hibika.blogspot.com (looking good)!

Another something yellow arrived this afternoon. Another yellow card, this time from Sally Scott. Is yellow the "it" colour now or is it just another happy coincidence? hmmmmmm, what's next now? ;)

Thank you so much for your wonderful comments left on the previous post for my birthday!!!!

I want to send my big arigato to keetee, marie, Marie, mizu designs, shleepy, Piou, kristina, Marion, world of sekimachihato, Elisabelle, uglygirl, charlotte, pianobi, ai-san, Mary, Georgina, chrristine, Simone, Lovepics, Ulrika, Annemarie, at swim-two-birds, tifanie, tommy, El VĂ­bora, Jennifer, Bree, Jeanne, Aron, Monique, alice, Galit, jokemijn and Alan!!

I am such a lucky girl to receive so many sweetest comments I am once again so delighted. Thank you heaps!!! I've been enjoying a wonderful week of celebration :)

And if you thought I sound Australian today, that is because I just spent a terrific afternoon with lovely Ebony from HelloSando who is now on HelloTokyo! She's such a charming and talented young lady and she also is a lot of fun to spend an afternoon with! hmmm was nice nice, only it was a little too cold an afternoon but it was fun :) arigato ebo-chan♪

February is here, and that means I'm a year older. Yes February 1, my birthday. Aquarian.

So yesterday in the late afternoon, I decided not to work much and took myself to a movie in Ginza. 500 Days of Summer, it kept me smiling all the way through, was good :) Then I got some lovely macarons from Laduree and hurried home as the rain was said to turn into snow later, and it did! First snow this winter in Tokyo. So pretty, as long as staying inside a warm home.

The last photo -my breakfast today, some macarons from yesterday, chocolates and kompeito which I had been given. I know it's too much sugar, but outside all the trees and people's roofs are looking as if covered with sugar so why not me, I guess I can be excused just for today ;)

The top photo is a birthday card I received from this shop, a "Happy Birthday To You" message printed in a large classic Japanese font. How perfect! I thought. Check out the lemon coincidence here in this post.
Oh, and also February brought her to Tokyo!!