Summer in Tokyo..... I'm sure I've told you enough times how hot and horrible it is over the past 4 summers since I started my blog. It even seems to get worse each year, I think it actually is getting worse. It's so hard to sleep through the night without waking up at least a few times, either feeling cold or hot and having have to change the setting on air-conditioner each time I wake up. By the time a morning arrives I am exhausted. Not a pleasant thing to hear about I know. The worst is gone and we can feel that the end of summer is not too far away now, which is VERY good.

Although enjoying Tokyo summer never feels such an easy thing for me, I must say I love lights in summer nights. Lanterns from summer festivals (bon-odori), catching glimpse and hearing sound of the fireworks shows happening here and there accompanied with frozen daiquiris and cold beers - perfect.
The other day I had a lovely fun mini evening picnic with Ebo-chan at Saigoyama Park in Daikanyama. It was another hot hot day but there was really nice breeze and it was so nice. I even enjoyed walking home from the park.

Oh summer, we never get on but you do entertain me lots now I realise writing this post. But I will be so glad when you will be gone and Autumn arrives, though I know I will feel just a tiny bit sad when you really go.