Some lovely shops around Gakugeidaigaku - Nakameguro - Ebisu.


The light leak is really disappointing from this latest roll of film but oh well.... These photos are from a new cafe in Nakameguro. It's so lovely and I love every detail about the space, all so beautiful... Another great thing is that they are open for breakfast from 9am, while most cafes open from 11 or 12pm! You'd think you have come to a countryside of France while sitting at the table drinking fresh herb tea - yes it's called La vie a la campagne :)

La vie a la campagne
2-24-12 Kamimeguro Meguro-ku (google map)


happy weekend!
In love with the new seasonal book by mina perhonen - s w o o n ! !
bonsai shop, now closed.000020000030Untitled000036000031Untitled000027Untitledmy fave bakery
It has now been long enough to be settled well into the new neighbourhood. I am now in the Meguro area, having Gakugeidaigaku, Yutenji and Musashikoyama within easy walking distance, also having Meguro and Nakameguro pretty close by. Although I've been pretty familiar with this area for a long time and I had lived in Toritsudaigaku (which is next to Gakugeidaigaku) when I was in junior school, it is really different from where I had lived before in many ways and the area feels quite different living in it.

There are many lovely shops all dotted around. There are lots more of course but here are some of my favourites shown in the above photos:

1&2: great bonsai shop sadly now closed :(
3,4&5: keats cafe - recommended for vegetarians! (also for non-vegetarians)
6&7: digawel - great little shop for men&womens clothing
8: one of many cute little shop continuously found along Meguro-dori street which is known as "interior shop street"
9: boiserie - very French gallery shop by orne de feuilles
10: trasparente - my fave bakery (they make really good baguettes!)

Will share more later!


It's going to be very random but I hope you bear with me.

I always take the same photo when I go here.

My favourite bakery had the first anniversary and they gave me this happy face anpan :)

Had a lovely afternoon with Hanna and Jukka.
Lunch at cafe ikanika was peaceful as always.

I used to hate tomatoes, until quite recently, but now I love them.
Miracle does happen?

One morning I woke up to see these on the table and it made me smile.

Although we are in the middle of the rainy season, we've had many days with sunshine. (definitely not today.)

Trying some new tea.

And then we found an amazing forest (park) -best discovery of the year- and I can't wait to go back! (the tanabata decoration there was so pretty.)

* * *

So it's already July.
This month my shop UGUiSU turns 3 (!!) and so I am having an anniversary sale, you can use the code UGUISU3YEARS and receive 15% off entire store so if you are in need of some washi tapes, wrapping papers, other Japanese paper goods, kitchen towels etc., it's a good time to stock up on them :)

Happy July to you all!



I photographed for a beer bar newly opened in Ginza last month for work. The place is called beer lupulin and they serve Japanese craft beer (microbrewery) which is booming in Japan right now. The space is so lovely and cozy, nice and casual being in the heart of Ginza which is known as an expensive area to do anything. Their food is great too, but the kakigoori (shaved ice) they serve is something very special to mention - they use ice made of natural water from Nikko (天然氷)and today there are only a handful of places where you can have this kind of shaved ice in Tokyo. The ice is so fine and fluffy, it is remarkably delicious especially with the handmade Japanese ume plum sauce...! If you are in Ginza do drop by for some great beer and kakigoori, it's on the third floor of a building right in front of Dover Street Market - the very cool and much talked-about new spot in Ginza (if you love COMME des GARÇONS you must go check, rose bakery also on the 7th floor!).