A couple of weeks ago I had a roll of film developed finally after so long. I think it was October last year when I loaded that film, or so I thought. Negatives came out all blank and there was nothing there. There was a lot of fun things happening in autumn, I met up with many lovely people I met through my blog and took pictures here and there. I was excited to be finally sharing them here but there is nothing.....

Oh well, I hope this will not happen again. Must be more careful.

The photo is from a lovely little art supply store in Nihonbashi called Yubendo. Obviously it was closed on the day I went, I quite liked how it looked when the store is closed, looked as nice as when it's open.

p.s. Today I've been playing Priscilla Ahn's new album that has just been released, This is where we are, it's really nice and I love it. You can watch the videos on her website :)

We have had two snowy weekends in a row, heaviest snowfalls I've ever seen in Tokyo. When it first started to snow last weekend I was remembering how it used to snow so much in my childhood days in Tokyo but it's gotten quite rare to get such heavy snowfalls for many years. But then these two snow storms brought so much more snowfalls than what I can ever remember!

When it snows it's so pretty and exciting, I love how it gets all white and really quiet it's magical. We have to shovel snow and it's quite a hard work but even that can be fun, well but not so much for the second time in one season.

We are very lucky in Tokyo that we only get one or two days like this in one winter so that all or most of it can be just fun and excitement for many of us, but this time it has gotten quite serious in the Yamanashi prefecture and it is a huge worry. With this weekend's heavy snow over 1 metre trains are stopped and roads are blocked leaving many towns and villages isolated throughout Yamanashi. Some people are even locked inside their houses because snow is covering all the windows and doors and they can't get out. So many people are locked in their vehicles for almost 2 days now. How scary could that be....

I hope things will be sorted out as soon as possible and that the damages will be kept at minimum. Sending love and thoughts to people in Yamanashi and other areas that is affected with the unexpected snow storm.