On the way to Kagoshima where I went very briefly over the weekend I was lucky to see the Mount Fuji from the plane! At this time of year there is almost no snow on top but it was amazing to see it from above!

I didn't take many photos but I will share my Kagoshima shots later!


coffee and zines




rose bakery


I feel like some really good coffee now. I haven't had one for a while I realize. I thought I'd do another coffee post, most of these photos and cafe infos have been shared here before but now you can see them all in one post :)

01. cafe ohanaya - one of my favourite cafes in Jiyugaoka. they do lovely lunch using fresh vegetables from Kamakura. Italian style food and coffee, good selection of organic wines. Vey cosy and lovely but mostly packed with people especially busy hours like 12-3pm.
2-14-20 Jiyugaoka Meguro-ku (google map)
3-4 minutes from Jiyugaoka Station. Closed on Wednesdays and 2nd/3rd Tuesdays

Always so so good. See the previous post for details -->

03. Cafe 6-chome
Not that the coffee is amazing but the atmosphere and the food is really good.
Near Jiyugaoka. See the previous post -->

04. Cafe ikanika
You might have heard too much of it here if you are reading my blog for a while...
I'm missing their beautiful cheesecake!! See the previous post -->

05. Amameria Espresso
Musashikoyama may not be the area many of who visit Tokyo would go to, but they make great coffee.
If you are staying in Claska, it would be nice to take a morning walk to Musashikoyama (about 20mins) and also you can take a lovely forest walk in the Rinshi-no-mori Park on the way!
3-6-15 Koyama Shinagawa-ku (google map)
3-4 mins from Musashikoyama station (Meguro/Namboku Line), 1 stop from JR Yamanote Meguro Station.

06. Lo Spazio
Not the best, but one of not so many places to get Italian style espresso in the Gakugeidaigaku area.
3-3-5 Takaban Meguro-ku  2mins from Gakugeidaigaku station.

07. Pan to Espresso to (Bread, Espresso, &)
Cute cafe near Gaienmae/Omotesando.
3-4-9 Jingumae Shibuya-ku (google map)

08. Rose Bakery
They now have 4 cafes in Tokyo! I've only been to the one in Marunouchi and Ginza but Kichijoji one looks really nice.
See previous post -->

09. Taste & Sense
Lovely cafe to have in the neighborhood for coffee and lunch!
See previous post-->

10. Coffee at Home
We enjoy hand drip coffee on the weekend. We buy fresh coffee beans from Voila Coffee in Kagoshima, actually many of the great coffee places in Tokyo buy beans from them. They don't ship internationally but if live in Tokyo I recommend shopping from their online store :)

So, I feel like some really good coffee even more now.
Where is your favourite place for a really good cup of coffee in your city?

Hope you are enjoying summer, here it's boiling.... Keep cool!

UPDATED April 2017

This post is originally from 2013 and there have been countless of new coffee places opening all over Tokyo other than all above. My recent favourite is TORANOMON KOFFEE run by the same people of OMOTESANDO KOFFEE.


So, June is gone and it's already July....! I haven't had a proper day off for so long now, but that doesn't mean I am not enjoying life. We're still in the rainy season but we're not having that much rain this year, I wonder what the real summer that is soon to arrive will be like. Horridly hot and humid, that will be for sure.