Happy New Year from Tokyo!
I hope you are all having a wonderful start to the 2014.
Apologies for abandoning this place for long, the last quarter in 2013 had been totally crazy and frustrating for not being able to find time to do what I want or need to but I finally got to relax a bit during the New Year holidays - phew!

Here is a collection of my Nenmatsu Nenshi 年末年始 (year end, year beginning) instagram pics to remind myself that I did get to enjoy my favourite time of year to spend in Japan (I forgot to take photos from the Oshogatsu お正月 but I did spend it like I have a life YES!).

Big thanks to those who came to visit me and my shop last year, it had been really wonderful to meet so many of you I got to be connected through my blog in real life! Thank you also for your love and support, all the comments and likes (on instagram, facebook etc) have always been a huge encouragement!

I hope 2014 will be a peaceful and jollyful year to everyone!


P.S. Tomorrow I will be having Nanakusa-gayu!