"OSUSUME" means recommended. The National Art Center Tokyo in roppongi is one of the OSUSUME spots in Tokyo. I sometimes visit there for lunch (Brasserie Paul Bocuse Le Musée on the 3rd floor is excellent!) and then go downstairs for browsing the museum shop "SOUVENIR FROM TOKYO" (you would love this shop!!), and of course take pictures - it's a great place for it :) It's a museum but often I don't actually see the exhibition there, there is so much more to this place! You can just pick your favourite designer chair which are found throughout the place and sit down for a quiet time if you get tired walking around, my favourite is the Egg Chair found downstairs.
Great architecture, too.


  1. It looks very interesting, I have bookmarked it for my trip to Tokyo in November.

  2. nice architecture! looks like a great place to relax in crowded tokyo:) do check out bardenbarden and let me know how it was..

  3. this looks a great space to spend an afternoon in!

  4. Hello peapods,
    you're coming to tokyo!
    The museum shop at this place is really good so if you get a chance don't miss it :)

    Hello yasu,
    This is done by Kisho Kurokawa, it's a great architecture! And yes bardenbarden! I can't wait till i go see the shop myself!

    Hello Mary,
    Yes it sure is a great place to spend the whole afternoon in!! (but on the weekdays only I'd say)

    Hello epe,
    Thank you!! :)

  5. oooh, I'm excitedly researching a trip to Tokyo so am loving your archives... Thankyou and *Hello.


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)