If you have been to Tokyo, many of you probably have visited Ginza. Ginza is known as a classy shopping district with many department stores and exclusive shops of designer labels. I'm not really the type who shop in Ginza but I've always been so attracted to this town. I enjoy walking around the small streets away from the busiest streets where all the in-expensive historical shops are around. It has kind of an unique atmosphere and is also very pretty walking around at night time.

There also is one of my favourite cinemas "Cine Switch", it happened to be the last day of showing "Sagan" so I went in to watch it. What a life she had! Apparently Françoise Sagan is said to be the typical image of French woman most Japanese had in the 50s and 60s. Bonjour Tristesse, is my all-time favourite.


  1. Ginza is my favorite place...also only place I could find bookstores that had books in English...lol
    Got something on my blog for you
    Click to fame!

  2. Hi.! :)
    i've been to Tokyo earlier this year, but didn't go to Ginza.
    the image of Ginza was shiriveling to alone-traveller(that would be me, haha) but when i go to Tokyo next time, i should visit here. really chic city.!

  3. Ah Francoise !!!!! I just finished her entire works. I loved the movie, Sylvie Testud was so good in it. And I'm crazy about Sagan's panther coat. Too much but I need one.

  4. you always mention such great films, you have added to my -to-see' list so much, thankyou!

  5. Hello. I am planning on going to Japan next month and your pictures are getting me even more excited. I'm also grabbing little recommendations from your posts. :) P.S. I also loved the movie 'Bonjour Tristesse'.

  6. have you seen the 50s film of 'bonjour tristesse' with jean seberg? :)

  7. great city photos!
    demo cho-takai ne!!
    im so cheap and thrifty, like the shopping in harajuku :-)

  8. Hi Baron's Life,
    There are bookstores that sell english books around other than Ginza but yes I'm not surprised that you like Ginza, very nice ;)

    Hi essie.L,
    Well I wouldn't want to have dinner alone in Ginza, but I think you can enjoy it just by walking around taking pictures ;)

    Hi Marion,
    Yes!! I thought the actress was REALLY good too!!! and that panther coat was gorgeous!

    Hi Bree,
    I'm glad you like the films I mention! I am an "eiga otaku" desu kara ;)

    Hi Julia,
    Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm so glad you're getting inspiration for your trip to Japan from here!!

    Hi Mary,
    Yes Yes!! I've seen it a couple of times. Jean Seberg is wonderful! I also love the film "À bout de souffle" :)

    Hi Aron,
    I know i know :) I don't even do window shopping in ginza, just street watching :p

  9. lovely pics, especially like the one with the little fishes and with the 'Sagan' poster, i didn't see the movie yet. thanks for sharing.

  10. Love the pictures! Didn't have time to read your whole post (sorry! packing for London tomorrow!) but it looks like an interesting place.

  11. i love ginza, i lived in japan for 3 years and it was so fun to go shopping there!
    and yes,
    i do live in an aboriginal community as the teacher at a little school,
    so neat that you had the opportunity to see what beautiful places these communities are,
    looking forward to all my treats,
    x ashley

  12. I went to Tokyo this summer, stopped at Ginza for a day and it's a nice place although too many designer shopping centres... my Mum was happy though!!!


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