So, summer really did arrive so early this year. Our rainy season - Tsuyu- was over before July even arrived. Apparently that is the earliest in the history for the Tsuyu to end as usually it goes on for a couple weeks longer.

Things with nature, there have been just so many record breakers. Biggest snowfalls or rainfalls in history, earliest cherry blossoms blooming in xx years, coldest day in the month of xx, etc etc. We hear it all the time and it's a real worry...almost everything is a record breaker these days when it comes to the weather.

In the western part of Japan over the last weekend, there have been torrential rains causing massive flooding and landslides that destroyed tens of thousands of homes. A horrendous natural disaster like this seems to be happening almost every year now. Can we only pray and hope there will be no more...?

Today my thoughts are with those who suffered from this disaster, may many more people will be rescued and be reunited with their loved ones.

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