So, Mori Girls. They have been all over Tokyo for some time now, even someone like me who never watches TV keep hearing and seeing the word "mori girl" here and there all the time and they're even appearing in the non-Japanese blogging world! That is a wow to me really. If you wonder what on earth Mori Girls are, you better head over to Hello Sandwich and check out this awesome post on Mori Girls! I've decided that the "Mori Girls" are the 21st century version of "Olive Girls". そう思いませんか?(there was a wonderful treasury magazine called "Olive" and I was all over it! and of course I was called an oive girl when I was a teenage school girl ;)

Anyway, I picked up this new Mori Girl magazine at a bookstore the other day to send over to a mori girl in OZ, but I thought there may be more people who might be interested so if you are you can now order it from UGUiSU. You get a cute free tote bag seen in the last photos with this issue ;) Yes, Mori Girls, ah Mori Girls!


  1. もりガールはちょかわいい!
    they are like japanese pixies or something. haha
    i will be a mori boy then. hahah

  2. ha ha I thought you said you would never put that in your shop! he he! But I am sure people will like to buy it!
    ooooo Make it Easy-san! You are so cute! You can be a mori boy! Start a trend in Hawaii!
    Love Love
    Hello (omote)Sando

  3. i just read the description on hello sandwich and i quite fit the profile (pale skin, love of natural tones, wears smock dresses). i wonder if i can be a mori girl in australia?

  4. yes you can be the mori boy number one Aron! you will make a cutest mori boy in hawaii ;)

    and yes i know ebo-chan when you said i should put that in my shop i didn't agree! i thought "maybe yes" "yappari no..." "well maybe..." then "no no no". But when i saw this complementary tote bag it's so cute that i thought "ok why not!" hehe ;p i will send you a copy soon so be ready!

    danica, of course you can be a mori girl in australia i think! it will be so cute to see mori girls in oz!

  5. Oh, I love everything Mori Girl! I just ordered this from you--glad you decided to put it in your shop!

  6. Hiki this is a truly inspiring blog! I just read the story about you and Hello Sandwich and your tour around your favourite cafes and shops in your part of Tokyo. I wondered whether you would consider publishing your map on your blog. I would love to see it as I am visiting Tokyo next week!

  7. first time to see a mori-girl mag, but we have been hearing all about this trend over here too.
    i think aron may already be a hawaiian mori-boy.
    i've seen some japanese mori-boys and i think he would fit in easily.
    thumbs up for the mori-look!


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