The new issue of ku:nel magazine has just been released. It's another great issue -full of beautiful kitchens!!! Oh I wish I had a nice big kitchen!

ku:nel vol.43



  1. me too !!!!!!!

    i love love love kitchen, but our new apartment has a super mini kitchen ! it makes me a little bit sad, but there's an old stone sink that makes me smile :)

    hiki hiki, konichiwa, genki ?


  2. oooo looks beautiful! I wish I had all of those lovely Japanese vegetables available to cook with everyday! xxx

  3. this is on my list of 'things to buy if i have enough money'!!
    maybe i should make a uguisu book fund -)

  4. i want a big kitchen too, with lots of storage and a big "island" table too.
    in the meantime i will just have a peek at this magazine in the book store and dream...

  5. ooh looks like such a nice issue!
    love the cover!

  6. This one looks especially nice--I love looking at kitchens!

  7. Ohayo gozaimasu Hiki!

    I've been reading your blog for a while now, and wondered if you could help me!

    I'm coming to Tokyo for 12 days in August, following a volunteer mission in Thailand (so I'll be on a very small budget!). Do you have any advice on cheap food?

    Thank you!


  8. never get enough of ku:nel,.. looks so tempting and the first photo is killing me.

  9. oly! the old stone sink sounds wonderful!!!!!! i want to see it, can i please?
    konnichiwa oly! watashi wa genki! ni hao ma?

    vegetables that come out at this time of year are extra oishi yo! i just love going to the green grocer, yum yum yum!

    cinta / sepi / sayu,

    haha uguisu book fund, yes you might need that :) you know it's funny but i kind of keep finding books that I think "oh this is so marie"! there is one crochet book that i can not help looking at without thinking of you! haha, if you ever come to Japan, you will have to bring a huge empty suit case!

    i know... that's what i always do, flipping the pages dreaming of a perfect kitchen to own!

    it's a really great issue, makes me want to become a better cook (and I think i need to buy better appliances to become one!) ;)

    The Hausfrau,
    Don't we all love looking at wonderful kitchens! Makes me smile :)

    hmmmm cheap food in tokyo. well there are many cheap places to eat around tokyo, places like izakaya you can eat and drink with low budget. or japanese fast food like "gyudon" (beef rice bowl) or "ramen" (noodle) will be very cheap but you probably wouldn't want to keep eating these things too much.

    Buying some take away food at the basement deli section at department stores or supermarkets can be another option. If you go just before they close they usually have a big discount! Or also, I always hear that student canteens at universities are often quite good and cheap! I haven't tried it myself but apparently anyone can get in! do you know which area you will be staying in tokyo?

    yes ku:nel is always great but this issue would be one of my favourites! i love your new website yui!!!


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)