Yellow is my favourite colour especially in cold winter as I see it as a sign of spring - end to the cold. Uplifting! Mimosa right outside my shop started to bloom weeks early this year as we had strangely warm weather at the beginning of this winter, I thought they must be regretting for popping out too early but they seem to be doing pretty well and there is a little bit more of that yellow now each day,  will be so much more in the coming weeks. Enchanting!

February to me is a special month, I like to think that January is the time to prepare for the rest of the year and I can start from here now feeling all fresh. Maybe it's just a poor excuse for letting the first month of the new year go without really fulfilling much of the new year resolutions.... Well anyway, I am excited for my new year starting today!

Happy February!

Photos are from the always special mina perhonen kyoto store.


  1. I'm so happy to see a post from you with one of your evocative photos. Enjoy the New Year!

    1. Thank you so much Elizabeth. I hope you are enjoying beautiful Autumn now too :)


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