bonsai shop
Another "well-hidden" lovely shop of my favourite from Jiyugaoka is the wonderful bonsai shop/atelier called "shinajina". They do a very modern cool bonsai art, both selling and giving lessons. I met up with lovely Bree from ii-ne-kore who was in Tokyo last week and took her there. (she's in Kyoto now enjoying sakura, she just emailed to me and said they had some snow! snowed while sakura in bloom -how amazing!) Both Bree and I went crazy gazing at these awesome bonsai pieces, and the great containers they had there. They were preparing for a class inside, for making sakura bonsai!! I must go and try one of their workshops soon I decided.

And this one is a sweet little zakka shop called "ochi-kochi" (THIS PLACE HAS MOVED FROM HERE AND THEN LATER CLOSED) that we also went. Every time I go visit this place I feel I want to buy the whole shop! They have beautiful Japanese tableware - ceramics, wooden and woven kitchenware and cute little kids clothing. The owner is a lovely lady too which makes me love this shop even more! She happily let me take a few shots of her shop so here they are to share with you :)

Then we went to cafe ikanika (which you would have known so well by now if you read my blog for a while!) and had a very nice lunch. And it was really fun to meet lovely Bree from Melbourne and I had a wonderful time though was for a quick one! Arigato Bree for coming to Jiyugaoka :)


  1. those bonsais look awesome
    - i'd buy a few of them if i were there

    great photos

  2. I stumbled across your blog from; thank you so much for your beautiful photos and lively prose! They made my day so much better. :) Please continue to post more interesting places in Tokyo! I can't wait to visit the places you've showcased already soon!

  3. ah all these places look great! I can't wait to hear about it from bree when she's back in melbourne!

  4. Your photos are really beautiful!
    I just stumbled across your blog right now... it's so serene and pretty! Nice work.

  5. oh my, both of these places look so beautiful! i wish i could jump into your images. you have peeked my desire to do to japan, hiki :)

  6. I definitely have to visit all those places next time I get back to Tokyo. Thank you always for sharing the wonderful places and lots of great inspiration here. I love your blog. Your pictures are very stunning.


  7. aaahhhh!! amazing!! how beautiful!
    thank you hikisan for sharing! what a great find.
    japan has such great places! the best! iiiina!
    btw, i posted one of these pictures on my tumblr :-)

  8. It's always so pleasant to come here... Thanks !

  9. snow with sakura in the same time !!! she is so lucky !

    cute address Hiki. !

  10. Both the bonsai and the ceramics looks so pretty! Urayamashii!!:)

  11. Hello
    I discovered your blog through l'inventaire de l'esthetique and I am amazed by the beautiful things I see here...

  12. that bonsai store looks super super nice! the japanese have a very good taste, the other shop looks great as well! waw, lucky you!

  13. Oh I love this bonzai shop, I've discovered it when I got lost in Jiyugaoka ! and it's paradise for zakka shops.. you are so lucky to live there :)

  14. I love this place and your pictures are just great!!!

  15. hearblack. There always are too many that I want to buy and I always end up not getting any! Well another reason is that they are quite expensive and I can't really afford them :p

    Soshi, Thank YOU for coming by and enjoying what you see here :)

    marie, Do you and Bree sometimes get together for a nice tea in Melbourne? I would love to join you one day!! (She must be enjoying Sakura in Kyoto right now!)

    サブ Thank you! That's such a sweet comment :)

    danica, They are really lovely places, I wish one day you will get to come visit there in real life ;)

    Natsumi-san, Yes I'd love you to go visit these places when you are back in Tokyo! Shinajina may be a little bit hard to find, but these two are on the same side of the town (well sort of) so it will be good :)

    Aron, oh you have your tumblr! I haven't noticed, I must pop over to check that out now ;)

    Piou, Thank YOU, it's always so pleasant to have you and hear from you :)

    Marion, Yes imagine sakura and snow at the same dreamy isn't it!

    Hana, Every time I go to these places I feel "oh i want to buy the whole shop!"

    Tara, Hello! thank you for coming by, I must thank Marion too!

    mieke willems, I think you would love the bonsai shop too! I didn't take a photo of inside the shop, but it's also wonderful :)

    Narumi, you must have gone really far out if you discovered this place while getting lost!! but that was lucky wans't it! :)

    diariodeunacouturier, thank you!!! i am so happy that you like my pictures :)


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)