A box full of Kami-Fusen arrived last night and I got so excited! Kami-Fusen is the Japanese Paper Balloon which has been a popular playing stuff for children in Japan (or maybe not so these days) and the traditonal balloons have been around for almost 90 years. There aren't so many manufacturers left in Japan today but I hope they will keep making them.

Anyway, yes as it says "GIVEAWAY" in the title I am going to have a "Paper Balloon Giveaway" to thank my lovely blog readers for all this time I've been around here since I started this blog in March. Many people have mentioned my blog and also my shop I started in July in their blogs and that has been super wonderful. I actually started both my blog and shop from a very sudden impulse but without your help and heartful comments I don't think I could've kept them going until now!

So I am going to give out one balloon (or one set of balloons) of your choice plus some surprise gift picked from my shop. There will be three winners and they will be picked randomely. To enter this giveaway please leave a comment and say which balloon you would like AND Follow my store blog OR mention about this giveaway in your blog! If you don't have a link to your email address in the blogger profile, please also leave your email address.

Available balloons are:
1. Temari Fun Set (3 balloons and a paper whistle, seen in the second picture)
2. Strawberry
3. Star&Bell Set (3 small balloons, picture #4)
4. Sakura Set (2 balloons, picture#5)
5. Ladybird Pair (2 balloons with an envelope, picture #6)
6. White Bird (left in the last picture)
7. Hanabi/Fireworks (set of 3 balloons, middle in the last picture)
8. Fugu/balloonfish (it's a big one, right in the last picture)

I will add all of these to my shop too, hopefully soon and you will be able to see the details of each balloon. (All added now!!)


well, i hope more than 3 people will enter, fingers crossed! ;p
have a fun weekend!


  1. i bought some when i was in kyoto 3 years ago
    they are so so so lovely, i wish i had bought more, next time i shall remember this

    hiki hiki, i think i will finally be able to send out the little package for you next monday ! i'm gonna add my very new posrcard set ( not available yet ) in the little package as well ! i can't wait !

    i'll fly to paris next friday early morning ! so so so exciting and nervous ! i hope i can make it to do everything on my not so small lists in time before the 2 months trip !

    have a nice weekend !


  2. oh hiki these are great! id love to enter. my favourite is the tamari set :)
    have a great weekend!

  3. hey oly!
    thank you for the message :)
    and ohhhh am i getting a special package? that is so exciting, AND you will be in paris next week, and you will be travelling for 2 months - that is terrific! hope you will have a great trip ;)

    hi marie,
    thank you thank you!! well at the moment you are definately going to win as no one else has entered! hope you are having a wonderful "warm" weekend ;)

  4. Hihi well I am officially the 3d! There shall be more! ;) I didn't know you had a store blog, I am a follower now! So many cute things in your shop! Those balloons are indeed so fun, it would be such a bummer if they wouldn't be made anymore! I love the strawberry!

  5. Love the sakura balloons. Somehow I had missed your blog, but I've signed up to follow it.

    Beautiful things in your shop!

  6. merci hiki!! oh i love giveaways entries but i never win haha!
    so if i do win i would love the white bird.
    Lots of love from Anouki!
    !-) gini

  7. I was already so happy when I found your blog/shop and now you even have a giveaway! Now I follow your store blog and added you on twitter :)

    Oh and my favourite balloon is the Sakure one!

  8. Hi! I`m already a follower and I have link to both your blog and shop in my blog:) I love the Temari fun set:) I like your blog very much!

  9. oh wow! these are great! thanks for thinking of your readers. I read your site via RSS all the time and you show your readers such great things from Japan.

  10. waaaaai!
    ichigo balloon onegaishimasu!!!!

  11. ooh la la! i like the hanabi ones best (center in the last picture). thank you!

  12. Oh this sounds great! I'd love a chance, don't mind which one. :)
    I'm following your store, lots of nice things there!

  13. ooh really! well now there are lots of comments, so i understand if i dont!
    i am crazy, but didnt realize the Hanabi/Fireworks set was possible.. and now i see it is! so if i may, can i change my preference. ill cross my fingers!

  14. Aww! I love paper balloons! I played with them as a kid! Haha : ) Would love to win a strawberry one! : ) Never seen it before~! cute! : )

  15. because i'm fortunate to be able to go back and forth to japan, please don't enter me into this great giveaway of yours; someone else should win.
    i'm gonna follow your shop blog though!

  16. Oh I am so excited to see these, my sister and I LOVED these when we were small! :D We only had the more usual ones with a colour on each side. All of these are amazing but in particular I think that the strawberry is so cute! Such a nice giveaway.

  17. My favorite is the strawberry for sure! Thanks!

  18. I teach art in a parochial elementary school. We have been studying Japan since September. The Ladybird set would be perfect to show them on Valentine's/St. Patrick's day and we could use it as a focus for a project! Thank you for your very interesting blog. donnabridy@aol.com

  19. I loooove your store! I found it when I was looking for washi tapes and I've placed an order. Can't wait to get them! I live in the Philippines and I can't find them anywhere here.
    I have a vague memory of playing with paper balloons when I was a kid. Can you believe that? There were paper balloons here in the Philippines! :) Sadly, I don't see them around anymore. My favorite is the star and bell set. (It was so hard choosing just 1!) If ever I win, it will surely throw me back to childhood memories. Best of luck to all!
    ~ beachbumming(at)gmail.com

  20. Great paper stuff!!! Have a lovely trip to paris!!

  21. Thank you everyone for entering!!! So glad more than 3 people have entered so I get to use the "random number generator"!
    I will announce the 3 winners on Friday ;)

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  23. whoaa i've tried to post some comment before about star and the bell set but it doesn't come out :'(

  24. hello dear Hiki !
    That's my very first giveaway participation...
    I'm discover your blog along an early morning rambling through various links, and I love it. Such a nice way to beguin a long day !
    I think my favourite is star and bell :)
    all the best

  25. Hello Hiki, I'm so excited to try my luck in your giveaway! All the baloons are lovely, but I think I like the white bird most

  26. Hello! I'm a lurker but I thought I'd give this a try, the photos from this blog make me so happy with it's adorableness. I would love the pufferfish if I win, but all of them are really cute!

  27. yikes! is it too late?? i would die for the hanabi set! i will do a link to your giveaway just now, but sorry it is a bit late! it is great to see everyone so excited:)

  28. Hi Hika!
    Give aways are so much fun! I did my first little give away last week. Not that much comments but always fun to join! I justed started following you!
    I love the stars & bells ones they look so cute!

  29. oh thats great! we also sell some! love them, but never saw the ones in the 4th picture, they are amazing!!! so we would go for the star and bell set!

  30. Ah, すごい! comment fendoir. My friend got me some kami fusen when she went to Japan, but I was careless and left ungaurded with my dog. I would like to enter, if still possible
    the sakura set is my favorite.
    You're blog is lovely!
    I'm so glad I stumbled upon it. (・∇・)

  31. Hello Hiki-san!
    I am officially following your shop blog (though I do anyway!) and I would love love love your temari fun set or star set! eeeep - fingers crossed!
    Love Love
    Hello Sando

  32. oooh i hope i am not too late..;))

  33. Thank you for entering everyone!!!
    I was meant to close and have the draw last night but sorry i got kind of busy, so i'm going to do it now! Yes If Jane, you are in!

  34. Hello Hiki! Discovered you via Make It Easy. Such a lovely blog you have! Happy that I've found you! :)

    Hard to choose one of all these beautiful balloons! If I realy have to I'll say - the big Balloonfish! Oh! it is magnificent!

    Thank you!

  35. Galit,
    i'm sorry but this giveaway entry closed last weekend and the winners have already been chosen. but thanks for trying!


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)