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my new favourite cafeThis new cafe recently opened near my apartment has instantly become my favourite! It's called "ikanika", and is run by a lady who has been working as a flower coordinator and her husband - a lovely couple (and a dog) in a renovated old simple Japanese house. It's actually located in a not-so-convenient place if you don't live close by, the closest station would be Jiyugaoka but it's going to be a good walking distance although walking through the lovely residential area around here is pretty nice. (My place is unfortunately on the other side not in this exclusive area.)

Beautiful food, good coffee, fantastic cheese cake, and a very warm and cozy interior, this is perfect for spending some quite time in the afternoon. I sure will be hunging out there a lot! It was also featured in this issue of Tennen Seikatsu with great pictures!

cafe ikanika
6-40-7 Todoroki Setagaya-ku Tokyo (Google Map)
Open: 12:00-18:30
Closed on Mondays (Shop info updated 31 Jan 2013)

Another post on ikanika here.


  1. i envy you so much!
    k-chan and i often talk how nice it would be to have a relaxing cafe like this one close by to our apartment.
    i have good friends living in jiyugaoaka, wonder if they know of this great find!

  2. looks beautiful!
    its great to have a good cafe nearby.

  3. Wow, it looks amazing!! I wish, wish, wish I could be there!!

  4. Oishi sooooo! Are those purple beans drying in the basket? I think I remember seeing them when I lived in Japan but not sure.

  5. i agree, i would love a café like this to be in our neighbourhood & especailly one that serves cheesecake! it looks wonderful!

  6. Ooh! How lovely!

    We are planning our next trip to Japan right now! Can't wait to eat at places like this again. Yummo!

  7. Oh my goodness! Hiki-san will you also take me here please! It looks sooooo gorgeous! ikitai~!
    Oyasumi for now.
    Love Love
    Hello Sando

  8. hi sekimachihato,
    well there hadn't been one around here that is why i'm so happy this cafe opened!! this place is a kind of place you would want to keep it a secret and not tell anyone, but you must tell your friend ;)

    hi marie,
    yes finally a good cafe appeared nearby and that is wonderful!

    hi angela,
    i hope you will come back to tokyo and will get to go to this cafe :)

    hi mizu designs,
    they were actually peeled skin of the red radish! i didn't know what they were until i looked really close but i'm pretty sure that's what they were.

    hi Mary,
    yes they make REALLY good cheesecake!! it was perfect!

    hi Jeanne,
    yay!! you will finally be coming back to Japan!! i hope you will eat/see/experience all the lovely things you missed!

    hi hello sando!! (i love that!!)
    i can certainly take you there, i'm thinking it will be great if i can somehow organise a bike for you so we can ride our bikes around as it's the best way to explore this neighbourhood as i always do! hope you can ride a bike though.

  9. Oh this seems perfect... The more I read your blog, the more I want to go to Tokyo... ;-))

  10. it looks a very beautiful and cosy place, love cheesecake!

  11. I will become your fan NOW!!!
    You have a wonderful lovely blog(and shop)

    Will comeback eveyday^^

  12. That cafe looks so pretty! The interior is gorgeous!

  13. How beautiful, precious and simple. A true fav corner!

  14. beautiful photos hiki! sounds like a lovely place to have in your neighborhood

  15. yikes! it looks so lovely, especially with your photos:) i would really love to visit that one when in tokyo! drying beans is such a nice touch:)

  16. Marion,
    that is so nice to hear! thank you!!!! i hope one day you get to come to tokyo ;)

    at swim-two-birds,
    yes it is a really cozy place, and oh cheesecake....yummmmmmm

    thank you for visiting my blog!! (and becoming a fan!!!)

    yes, the actual feel of the place is really nice too. they did a lot of work by themselves and that is also making the place look special i think!

    this corner is the best indeed! but i'm quite curious to find out what it would be like to sit in a long table that is in the middle of this cafe too. will find out soon ;)

    thank you so much! yep, it surely is a lovely place to have in the neighbourhood i'm so happy :)

    this place is really nice, not because of my photo! i hope you will get to visit this one, i can certainly take you there too when you come here ;)

  17. that looks like such a great cafe! simple, quiet, natural....i wish there were cafes like that over here! its looks so nice to spend an afternoon reading a book :-)

  18. Ikanika looks nice! Just marked it down for my upcoming tokyo trip! :D Hopefully i can find it!


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