my favourite bookstore
backstreet of sangenjaya
backstreet of sangenjayaPersimmon Tree
one fine dayMost of them are experimental shots taken with my new old canon film camera. All taken in the closer parts of tokyo from where I live except the last one was taken in Tochigi (2hrs north of tokyo) when I went there for my friend's wedding.


  1. hey, thats my favourite local bookstore!
    the top photo, where is has me guessing.
    that muji lego looks like a great xmas going to melbourne this weekend though so just miss out :-(

  2. I can't wait to hit Tokyo!! Last time I was there was 1986!! I was in the 6th grade! I hope to visit this fabulous city soon! I will make it top priority!

    -Jen of Les Filles Giada et Cairo

  3. I love your photos. I miss Tokyo!

  4. this is so japan to me ! love every detail !!!! so beautiful !!!

  5. beautiful shots hiki! you really have a way with film.

  6. Thank you lovely people!
    yes melindatrees, you live in gakugeidaigaku! that is my favourite bookstore too! and the first one is from jiyugaoka.
    and jen, tokyo is waiting for you ;)

  7. LOVE ALL THESE PICTURES SO MUCH! hontou kireii! such nice feeling and mood of the city and streets. the bookshop, the bikes, the mikan.....SO BEAUTIFUL!! i remember going to books shops in tokyo....i would spend sooo long in there too! i can't read japanese literature or anything, but the magazines in japan are the most interesting i've ever seen !

  8. LOVE THE 1. ONE!!!
    and amazing n° 7 and 8: looks like summer, the fruits, the green trees, the sun...


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)