My dad found some old stamps in my grandfather's old study. They are placed in two folders titled "Souvenir Stamps of Japan" and they are all from the 70s. As my grandfather travelled a lot with his job and had many correspondence with people in other countries, I think he had bought them to give someone as souvenir and forgot about them or something. When I was little he used to give me stamps from all over the world, many of which I could not understand what it said on them or where they came from but I was so fascinated by every one of them. And I still am a big fan of postal stamps.

A little collection of Sumo stamps.

Some cartoon stamps.

Stamps on nature.(sorry it's a little blurry)

And these are new ones, some of my favourites.

Hello Kitty Stamps are really cute ;)
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  1. 好看,喜欢。
    Just try to help you to revise a little chinese;)
    I loved to collect stamps when I was a kid as well, very enjoyable, indeed!

  2. awesome stamps... love your post.

  3. these are really great, and a great story to go along with it!

  4. So cute stamps and story!
    makes me eager to work on "you-know-what" :) Will definetely give it some time very soon.

  5. I really love how the sumo stamps are continuous, even though they are two different stamps!!

  6. beautiful stamps and in great condition too!
    i used to collect stamps when i was a kid, reminds me to dig out my old albums next time i go home!

  7. this brings back memories. i used to collect stamps in long times gone as a reception clerk. they knew, in the office, what i was looking for! i glued them on flat surfaces, shellacked them... nothing of it has survived... ha, the furtive way of life.
    i'm still very fond of the patchworky feel to them though, and i still raid the post office down here for nice editions. they know my wishes there as well! :)

  8. oh these are so beautiful! i too used to collect stamps as a child and on my last trip back to new zealand, i brought my old stamp albums back with me to france. great post! x

  9. hi feian,
    hi world of sekimachihato,
    hi traveling, in huis en erbuiten....,
    hi Mary,

    It seems like many of us collect stamps when we were children! I've been trying to find my stamp collection book in my parents house but can't find it.... I'm so curious what your stamps look like :)

    hi Georgina,
    hi Anna,
    Thank you, i'm glad you like my post! Did you ever collect stamps? ;)

    hi Ulrika,
    yes i'm so looking forward to it!!!!

    hi Celine,
    yes, we have many stamps that are continuous in 2 different pieces. when i need to use just one stamp, it is so hard to tear them apart as you can probably imagine!

  10. Great collections! I collect postage stamps too but just have simple Japanese ones.

    Love your blogs by the way :-D

  11. merci hiki! for your warm wishes!!!
    i had a great birthday!!
    i love the stamps
    talk soon

  12. so many beautiful stamps! i used to collect them when i was a kid. my aunt lives in japan (kyoto) and i recall very much looking forward to her letters because she always had the prettiest stamps.

  13. how beautiful - what a collection!

  14. theres a tiny exhibition right now in the library at my college of vintage japanese memorabilia, and stamps is one of the things on showcase. they were so pretty to look at, like these :-)

  15. beautiful! It reminded me of that tiny Japanese rural toys museum in Kurashiki and their little stamp collection.
    By the way, this was your first post I was able to read in my google reader :)

  16. that's cute. it reminds me my youth, I used to keep the stamps that were beautiful...

  17. Those old stamps are beautiful! Also what a lovely story!

  18. Some info on Asian stamps at

  19. I love!
    i used to collect stamps in long times gone as a reception clerk

  20. i want to get Sumo stamps...
    could you please help me..
    my email:


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