I am dying to take a look at this amazing book called "Bonsai Uchu (盆栽宇宙)" which literally means "Bonsai Universe". Bonsai has been taken that it's something retired older men do as their hobby and that it's not so cool but rather boring. But oh the world of bonsai is so deep and more younger people are into it these days, bonsai is a true art!

Here is another book from the same author which I have. Aren't these tiny bonsais so cute!?
And the bottom images are from my favourite bonsai shop in Jiyugaoka called "shinajina". It's a small shop but their modern interior and the garden full of beautiful bonsai is truly wonderful!
Images are from Shinajina website.


  1. unfortunately i don't think i have enough time to tend to bonsai.. i guess i need to wait until i retire!
    i love those 苔玉!

  2. so cute! get one. it's like getting a substitute for a pet, if you have an allergy.

  3. Recently I've been interested in bonsai too. I'm not sure if I'll try to grow one. I'm not good with plants. But I find them so lovely.

  4. don't care it's an old men's hobby:-), love ikebana too, an old ladies occupation.
    love this post

  5. Anything bonsai is great in my book. Very cool!

  6. amazing! so so great! thankyou for sharing your wonderful books. the one you already have looks so beautiful and perfect!

  7. hi world of sekimachihato,
    yes those 苔玉 are so adorable!!!

    hi Michaela,
    bonsai for a substitute for a pet, yea i like that idea. if you become a master they get blossoms and even fruit in that tiny container which is absolutely amazing!

    hi at swim-two-birds,
    yea i love looking at people doing ikebana it's so beautiful though there seems to be too many rules!!

    hi alexandria,
    You have a book of bonsai? Would loooove to have a look!!

    hi bree,
    i found my book at a second hand book store and it's super!!!
    hi Tommy,
    i bought one a few years ago the leaves changed colours and was so pretty but i ruined it in the following summer :( it's not so easy to keep bonsai..

  8. すごいきれいい!!
    last weekend, my family had a house warming party, and my moms friend brought us a wonderful bonsai!! i put it in my room, i will take a picture to show later :-)
    great books! i want to see more!

  9. i love bonsai. that book looks amazing!


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