All images are from CLASKA.

Over the weekend, I went to the exhibition of a collaborative furniture project by mina perhonen and wonderful torafu architects at my very favourite shop/gallery in Tokyo -DO in Claska. Some very interesting new furniture pieces were exhibited including prototypes, and also there were some really lovely cushions and tablewares for sale. I could not resist that hasami-yaki ceramic (from Nagasaki) grey coffee cup & saucer seen in the top picture! (I'm seriously considering for going back for more.) It came in a pretty grey box too :) This exhibition will be going till the end of January, so if you will be in Tokyo check it out. You can also buy these wonderful items at CLASKA's online shop (Japanese).

Also, now the mina perhonen exhibition "The future from the past" is held at the Kanazawa 21st Century Museum until the end of May, so hopefully I will get the chance to go see it!

And for all mina lovers, do check out this and this (wonderful magazines full of mina perhonen!).

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  1. oh you're so lucky.
    this seemed so cool !

  2. I would have love to go there ! Last time I was in Tokyo, I got lost looking for the Claska hotel..

  3. I would really like to see this:)

  4. sounds great! and really love that cup, lucky you!

  5. hello kristina, Marion, marie, mieke willems,
    yes i guess i'm lucky and i'm so pleased with the cup :) and Narumi, sorry you couldn't find Claska, there is an easy way from the station if you are coming back I can tell you!

  6. that gray coffee cup and saucer is my pick too from your photos. beautiful! is it espresso size?

  7. I have this So-en too,actually I know Mina perhonen from So-En.

    and I know you from google Mina-perhonen!
    (love your blog on the first sight)

    Now,I collect some money to spend on your shop soon!

  8. sekimachihato, yes that is a demi cup. i don't drink espresso but i just couldn't help getting it!

    keetee, can you get SO-EN around where you are? that's cool! and that's how you found it here, thank you for finding ;)

  9. yikes! i wish i was there in jan!!!! but i will be heading to kanazawa for sure:)

  10. hello bree! yes it's ending too soon! but i will share the photos of the exhibition when i get the roll of film developed! ah kanazawa, i really hope i get to go there too. i might even try a quick day trip!

  11. I went there today !

    Actually, it was you who told me about
    "hotel claska".
    It has been on the top of my "places to go
    list" since I read your article about that hotel.
    That was just beautiful.
    Well, I think I should stay for a night some day.

    thank you hiki !

  12. marika, you are so welcome! i'm glad you got to go there and that you liked it! did you get to the 8th floor where the "creators markets" are?
    anyway, claska is wonderful isn't it. i wish i can stay at one of their beautiful rooms one day too!

  13. yes, I went to "creators markets".
    fun !
    Also,that floor has a good view of the sunset.
    I had enjoyed beautiful sky too :)


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