photo by Aron

I'm hiki.
I'm from Tokyo.
My feet are always cold.

I like to photograph what make me smile and that is pretty much what you see here.

If you wonder what I do when I do not blog or take photos, I work as a web designer, and also run a web shop called UGUiSU where I sell Japanese stationery and zakka. Recently I opened a little 4d weekend shop in Tokyo. Please come and say hi if you are in Tokyo on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday afternoon!

* You can read more about my blog here on Inside Out Magazine blog

I also love to travel.  Here you can see what I saw from my past trips:
Mexico (Mexico City),
California (San Francisco & Berkeley),
Hawaii (Honolulu),
Vietnam (Hanoi),
Taiwan (Taipei),
Australia (Melbourne),
Paris & London (flickr),
Barcelona (flickr),

-In Japan-

You can see some of my favourite Tokyo shops here and cafes here.

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your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)

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