Another of my favourite shops in Tokyo is Gallery & Shop "DO". ("DO" apparently is pronounced like "dough".) In a large open space, all the beautiful homeware/interior/stationery items of Japanese contemporary designs are presented really nicely. It's a shop and a gallery and I just looooooved looking at each item, wishing I could buy the whole shop to take home!

Their online shop is also great! Unfortunately it's only in Japanese though.
The 2 images below are from their website.
"DO" is actually in a design hotel called CLASKA, it looks really nice - I will post about it later!

The WONDERFUL Baden Baden I also visited last week is in the same area of Gakugeidaigaku though it's not really that easy to find the way between the two shops. (It's about 15 minute walk in the residential area, if you are good at reading maps you'll be fine.)

Gallery & Shop "DO" at CLASKA (3rd Floor)
1-3-18 Chuo-cho Meguro-ku Tokyo
See access information here.


  1. Hiki - stop doing this to me! Seriously...

  2. He, i was thinking the same 'stop doing this', it is so frustrating, everything is looking so gorgeous! Love the previous post too, this woman is looking great! Hmmm and her lovely dresses:-)

  3. I wanted to stay in Claska during my last trip but was told it's a bit too far out. But the lovely things in there...!

  4. oh dear, I need to try to learn japanese... Everything looks so gorgeous !

  5. Hi yasu,
    All the beautiful things were in this shop!!

    Hi Jeanne,
    sorry! hehe :p Japan won't run away!

    Hi at swim-two-birds,
    she looks so good in those dresses doesn't she! ;)

    Hi tommy,
    Well, it is a bit far out depending on where you would like to hung out. It's accessible to places like Nakameguro, Ebisu, Shibuya though. I hope you will stay at Claska next time you come here so I get to see the photos in your lovely blog! ;)

    Hi Marion,
    wow but yea why not try learning japanese! you can survive without being able to speak japanese here though!

  6. ooh it looks so nice and pretty! i would love to have a look around that shop :-)

  7. waw waw waw! this shop looks fantastic! i want to go to tokyo tomorrow!

  8. I MUST go there.

    Thank you, Hiki, for all these great recommendations! I can't wait to check them out!


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