Ever since this museum opened in 2004 I've been longing to see it. After 5 years finally I got there, it was fantastic! And yes this was the main purpose of my Kanazawa trip.
I kept going back to my favourite James Turrell's "blue planet sky".
Famous "swimming pool" by Leandro Erlich was fun!
I just loved walking around and around taking photos in the round shaped museum building, enjoyed the transition of the scenery as the time passes by, it was so beautiful.

21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa
Architecture by SANAA
On Fridays and Saturdays they open till 8pm (other days close at 6), i think it's best to visit there in the late afternoon (if in summer around 5pm while the sun is still pretty bright) and stay untill the evening on Friday which I did!

I found a good movie about the "swimming pool" on Youtube:


  1. Wow I want a wall like that top picture in my house some day!

  2. I love SANAA, but have so far only seen the New Museum in NYC in person. Sigh. One more reason to go visit Japan!

  3. I am enraptured to have discovered your blog!... thank you for this pretty ballade...

  4. Hello Alice,
    This wall painting is done by a Taiwanese artist called Michael Lin, it was quite overwhelming! And yes, to have a wall like this in a big house would be so lovely!

    Hello chrrristine,
    I actually didn't know about the New Museum! I saw some images on the internet but it looks wonderful. There is a ferry terminal designed by SANAA in the Naoshima island (it's called an art island and is very interesting), too.

    Hello Comme du Coton,
    Thank you for finding my blog! I'm happy you enjoyed these images :)

    Hello ii-ne-kore,
    sugoi desho! it was such an interesting museum.

  5. i love this kind of architecture!! i understand that it was the main purpose of your trip, i would stay for days in such an amazing place!!

  6. lucky you to have seen james turrell's 'blue planet sky'! i didn't know that it's in this museum. i keep adding places i want to go to in japan each time i visit your blog :)

  7. This is such a great post!
    Thank you for the video, it filled my morning with wonder :)

  8. Awesome! I love the papered wall in the first photo with all the rockers.
    And the swimming pool is really cool.

  9. Love the architecture and the swimmingpool is amazing!!!!!!!

  10. oh i wish to visit the pool one day!

  11. i love the photos you took of this museum. what an amazing space.


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