All images are from CLASKA.
CLASKA is one of not-so-many luxury boutique hotels in Tokyo which has renovated an old business hotel started in the 60s in Meguro-dori (street). There are only 9 guest rooms and 26 residential rooms for long term stay. As a resident in Tokyo I haven't stayed at CLASKA but it looks very nice! The gallery shop "DO" on the third floor is one of my favourite shops in Tokyo, and the ground-floor cafe/restaurant/bar "kiokuh" is good too (I didn't think so much of their lunch special though). Why in Meguro-dori? is a common question many people would have as is a little bit out of the major areas of Tokyo, plus it's a good 10 minuite walk from the closest station "Gakugeidaigaku" and can't really say it's convenient. However, from Gakugeidaigaku it's only 5 minutes to get to Shibuya and there is a bus that goes to Meguro JR station in 7 munites from right infront of the hotel.

The name "CLASKA" was taken from a Japanese phrase "dou kurasuka" どう暮らすか (how best to live?) so if you want to stay in Tokyo like living in Tokyo it could be a cool place to stay! It is one of the popular areas to live in Tokyo, and also Meguro-dori is famous for having many interior shops so that is another thing. Otsu Furniture (Japanese antique), boiserie (French antique) and a new shop inspiration (open only on Fri/Sat/Sun) are my favourites, you can find so many more interior shops along Meguro-dori and this is a great website (only Japanese).

1-3-18 Chuo-cho, Meguro-ku (access map)


  1. ohh next time i come to tokyo, you have to show me around! you seem to know so many good tips about tokyo:)

  2. sugoi! it looks amazing and beautiful! i would love to stay there! demo, takai sou ne~!

  3. A beautiful space! I love the aesthetic.

  4. oh my - this is immediately on my list of places i hope i can stay in japan - i love that first picture - the blue! 60s japan - awesome.

  5. Sigh.

    I'm going to bed now. To dream. In my dream I'll be in that bedroom in the third pic down. And tomorrow I'll be going to Do.

    Where am I going to eat breakfast, Hiki?

  6. beautiful... great adress!
    and i looove boiserie!

  7. Hi yasu,
    yes i'd love to show you around! ;)

    Hi Aron,
    i think it's takai yo! but it will surely be so cool to stay there!

    Hi The Wanderers' Daughter,
    Yes I love almost every corner in this building!

    Hi Bree,
    Yes that blue, could be original from the 60s. I really wish someone (like you) would stay there and post about it with photos :)

    Hi Jeanne,
    I know... sorry again :p
    But yes, you can have your breakfast on the ground-floor cafe!

    Hi lovepics,
    boiserie is nice isn't it! not at all Japanese though ;)

  8. This is so chic. Seems so beautiful... Wish I could spend a week there... !

  9. we wanted to stay there last year when we were in tokyo but it was full - it gets booked up so far in advance as it has only a few rooms. hopefully next time we'll make it there!

  10. thanks hiki - i'm adding this place to my ever increasing tokyo to do list!

  11. Wow, this is a very cool looking hotel. Thank you for posting this.

  12. Now I know why I have to go back to Tokyo... :)
    (By the way lovely blog!!!!) x


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