These are also from a while ago, when I had a stroll around Aoyama. It's a lovely area being away from the hustle and bustle of the nearby Harajuku and the main street of Omotesando, charming little shops are scattered around.

ARTS&SCIENCE is one of my favourite shops in this area, simple and good quality items beautifully displayed in a small but tasteful space in a little back street enchants me so much :)
They have many shops now around Tokyo but if you have a chance to go to Aoyama area I recommend you take a little further walk down Kotto-Dori street and visit this exquisite shop! (This one is lady's but their men's store is also not to miss if you like fashion, it's near the Nezu museum in the same neighbourhood)
kolor is also a cool Japanese brand to check out if you are a fashion guru!

Happy new week to you all ;)


September had still been really hot in Tokyo until last weekend, but this huge typhoon that just went through seems to have brought the cool change. It was the biggest typhoon I had ever seen and it did a lot of damage in the west part of Japan and caused panic in Tokyo last night. It was really scary but phew it's gone!

I couldn't update my blog for long as I had been swamped with work. Life is not much fun when work takes too much of it, when work gets too much to enjoy :( So tonight I went over some of the photos I had taken this summer and posted them to remember the fun bits of the past month or so, before summer goes far away. My niece was here from Sendai during her school holidays and we laughed a lot. It was colourful too :)

I hope you are having a lovely autumn (or spring)!