"minä perhonen in iceland" featured in shortcoco magazine which I got when it first came out in 2006. The design never seems to go out of style.

Björk, Sigur Rós, múm are about the only keywords I can come up with when I think of Iceland (and oh they are all so great), but going through this "minä perhonen in iceland" again suddenly made me really want to go there...it seems so far away from japan but am so attached!

**You can now get the copy of this magazine here at my shop!


  1. beautiful landscape with a very particular atmosphere....
    wish you a nice week!

  2. i've been there twice and i think it's the most breathtaking landscape and magical place i've been!
    here's a few photos from there..


  3. oh these photos are so wonderful. me too, have always wanted to go to Iceland!!

  4. me and my friends were just having a conversation about Iceland the other day, and everything that came to mind when we thought about it.. like all the different music bands :-)

  5. lovepics - yes i imagine there is a really unique atmosphere in iceland.... thank you, hope your week will be a good one too ;)

    Mary - thank you for your flickr link, they are absolutely amazing photos I love them!!!!! And I must say what you showed me was so much more than what I was expecting!

    yasu - I can't stop thinking about iceland!

    Aron - I don't hear much about iceland but what I hear is all so wonderful!

  6. Iceland's really getting some PR from the web recently. Many artists and vagabonds are attracted to this place (partly because of the collapse of their economy)...and now, it's never been cheaper to go to Iceland :)

  7. Very colorful pictures and excellent composition

  8. Oh, pretty!! I wanna go to Iceland:)

  9. hi hiki!! that you so much for putting me on your 'blogs i like to visit.' it was a very nice surprise to see it :)
    hope you are having a great weekend...


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