Friday is about to turn Saturday here in Tokyo and I'm thinking how glad I am the weekend is finally here! This week has been just... so, so exhausting both mentally and physically but now I'm all relaxed and happy :) My tax return is done and that is another big thing I'm relieved about! Yay!

The first photo is the view from my window, it surprises everyone who comes to my place that they can't believe it's Tokyo. (and I'm not that far out from the central Tokyo.) There is a small plum (ume) garden right behind my apartment and they are having blossoms right now it's so pretty.

After the Ume of course Sakura (cherry blossom) season will arrive. I can't wait!!!!! My sakura posts from last year is here and here and be ready for more from this year! Oh and THAT reminds me this blog must be having a birthday soon! Let me just check.... OMG! it was today the 12th of March!!! I started this blog exactly a year ago! wow, I should do a proper anniversary post soon shouldn't I! I'm thinking to have a giveaway too, hmmmm got some ideas now, well I shall see you here again (hopefully) soon!

Wish you all a jolly weekend!

P.S. Just added 2 more shots. What you see in the last photo is the cutest package I received last night from Hello Sando :) And the sakura branch my friend brought for me yesterday is keeping me smile!


  1. Congratulations on your blog birthday!

    What a sweet view. I have been to Japan three times but never made it for spring. I think it must be so lovely to live somewhere with four proper seasons (here in Perth it never gets very cold or snows and the leaves don't fall off the native plants in Autumn)!

  2. yay! happy blog birthday! a giveaway sounds fun : )
    ooo i can't wait for photos of sakura season!

  3. What nice news! You've been here in BlogLand for one year, and one year i happily shared with you (without you knowing it) too! Hope there are plenty of happy other years ahead, your pictures and word bring a bit of Japan to my french life, and happiness too... Please keep on!

  4. Happy Blog Birthday Hiki !!!
    Your place is one of my favourite, it is so lovely to come here and see your lovely posts.
    Can't wait to see more here. Especially about the cherry blossom !!!!!
    Hope you'll celebrate it !


  5. happy blog birthday and have a great weekend my friend!

  6. Happy Birthday to your blog, I love it so much ! You have such a nice view from your flat :) I'm so excited to see the cherry blossoms, I'll be in Tokyo the 30th march do you think they will be in bloom ?

  7. Beautiful view of your apartment ! I like this blog...

  8. happy birthday to your blog Hiki!!
    love those plumtrees, you have a very nice view;
    hope your weekend will be Very Relaxed:)

  9. Happy anniversary to your blog! I'm glad I found it. It's such a wonderful read. It's so interesting to read about anything Japan. Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures too!

  10. Oh thank you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I guess we are very lucky having a 4 distinct seasons and it is so important for us all. I always took that for granted but I realised the importance of it when I lived in Darwin for a year where there is only hot summer! Perth is lovely and you are so lucky to be living there too :)

    lina, wait a bit longer and you might soon get sick of too many sakura photos I'll be posting, hehe :p That's a cute profile picture!

    Juliette, words like that have been the biggest reason I could have kept this blog going you know!! and i would like to say exactly the same back to you, i really enjoy your beautiful photos of a totally different life that is so attractive to me!

    Marion, merci merci!! be ready for the sakura photos, ah i can't waiiiiit. and oh thank you so much for shopping at my shop! that was super lovely, i shipped it out last night so hope it gets to you really fast!

    Ulrika, thank you! have a beautiful weekend to you too love!

    Narumi, i think you will be here perfectly in time!!!! they are saying it'll be around 24th when they start to bloom, so you will be enjoying sakura probably for the whole time you will be here!

    Piou, i love looking at this view many times in a day enjoying how different sky looks from time to time, day to day! and i love your blog too!!

    at swim-two-birds, thank you--- :) yes I am starting to have a very relaxed weekend, I hope yours will be lovely too!

    HappySheep, thanks for enjoying what you see here!! it really means a lot to me and i appreciate it so much!! have a wonderful weekend!

  11. lovely, lovely photos. i am very envious of your views.

    happy anniversary to your blog for the 12th! incidentally my blog turned two on that date, so they share a birthday :)

  12. Happy, happy blogiversary, Hiki! I have so enjoyed living vicariously through your pages, dreaming, and feeding my Japan addiction at the same time!

    We will be in Tokyo in May, so I'll be stalking you for great places to eat, drink and shop until then. Oh joy!


  13. waaah, kirei na. going to hanami soon? :) happy blog-birthday hiki san. omedetou!

  14. happy blog birthday hiki! your blog is so inspiring,
    it really makes me want to visit tokyo.
    thanks for visiting mine, i'm glad it made you smile..
    : )

  15. i wish we were seeing pink over here!
    with this dense fog we are not really able to see anything!
    looking forward to your sakura photos! any hanami plans?

  16. so pretty!!
    what a great and fun package from ebonychan!!

  17. it´s so nice to have discovered a blog from the almost other end of the world. at least i can LOOK at beautiful blossoms right now

  18. Happy blogiversary Hiki, I stumble on your blog via Sando's blog. DD forwarded Sando's blog to me because I will be in Tokyo later on in March. Is must be great to live in Tokyo! I was always dreamt of living in NY, but I'm more intrigue about the Tokyo lately! I am a quilter and would like to get connected with some Japanese quilter blogs. Do you know of any that I can visit?
    Thank you and again Happy Blogiversary - Hugs Nat

  19. happy blog birthday hiki!!
    i'm soo looking forward to your sakura pics too :)

  20. Congratulations Hiki! This post certainly earns you your jolly name! I can feel spring in your words!

    You are a few weeks ahead of us here in Seoul with the blossoms. It's still quite cold here, but hoping for some warming soon!!

    (Might be in Japan later this spring...will let you know!)

  21. happy spring to you! i am still in alaska and it still looks and feels like winter here. i finally have access to somewhat speedy internet. i missed reading all of my favorite blogs, yours being one of them.
    march is supposed to be the best time to view the aurora in the sky. on a clear night, i see it from my bedroom window. in a couple of months, the migratory birds from all over the world will come to northern alaska. i look forward to seeing the birds. i hope you are warm and happy! xo!

  22. danica, how wonderful that we have the same blog birthday! happy blog birthday to you too then!

    Jeanne, oh you are coming to Tokyo!!! May is a beautiful month here, I hope you will enjoy the early summer season! Stalk me here in my blog as much as you want ;)

    dani. thank you! i hope you will come visit tokyo one day ;)

    sun. kun, arigato! I'm looking forward to going to ohanami soon. It's still quite chilly so a couple more weeks before sakura all blooms I think.

    sekimachihato, i can't wait to go to ohanami!! do you have sakura in HK???

    aron, you should see how pretty the whole package looked when i found it in my mailbox!! ebony-chan is so clever!

    Linda Love, thank you for discovering me here! lots more real blossom shots are to come!

    Notjustnat, hello! I can not think of any Japanese quilter's blog but if I come up with any I will let you know! How lucky you coming to Tokyo at the blossom season! I hope you will have a wonderful stay :)

    Mary, yes I'm looking forward to taking photos of sakura too! I think it will be another week or even two before they pop out, it hasn't been warm enough these days.

    Stephanie, hi!!! it's been quite chilly this week in tokyo too, the cherry blossoms seem so far away now. And you might be coming back to Tokyo!? That is so exciting I hope that will happen!!! Do let me know!!!!

    kinako, wow! seeing aurora from your bedroom window?????? how awesome is that!?!?!? I hope to see some beautiful shots from alaska in your cute blog! happy spring to you too!

  23. jollygoo, unfortunately we don't have any sakura in hong kong... so no hanami either!
    apart from going to japan, the best bet for us is to head into china, they have some nice sakura (so i've heard)


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