the rooftop
buses and taxis
Thank you for so many comments on my previous post for my blog anniversary! I can't believe it's been one year since I started jollygoo but I'm so glad that I did!

It was when I came back from my trip to Melbourne last year that I realised the need of using English more regularly somehow. The only occasions I used to have communicating in English were when I speak to my friends over international calls and when I get asked for directions by foreigners (which happens maybe once or twice a year), and when I go travelling outside Japan once (if very lucky twice) a year. That was about it, for many years since being back from having lived in Australia.

Blogging in English was something I had never thought of doing before, I had a blog I was doing in Japanese for many years but I was getting kind of bored of it and had left it for a long time. The blogging world in Japan is totally different from the rest of the world as is everything else. It was pretty much the same things what I was blogging about, but comments were rarely left and it was almost just a one-way thing. But this jollygoo (i know it's a funny name) has certainly not been one-way, reactions come directly and they always make me smile and make me want to keep it up. (yes that's another thing about Japanese, people don't normally say what they think or show their emotions which is what I often get frustrated that I don't know if my clients are happy with my work or not.)

I know my English is nowhere near perfect and I haven't been able to post more often as I want to, but I really always appreciate your visits and sweet words left for me. So THANK YOU! again, and again! I am planning the 1st blog birthday giveaway but it may take a little while before I can announce it but I promise I will do it so please bear with me! Arigato ;)


  1. Your English is just fine, and I really like the shadows cast by the little flowers in the first photo.

  2. i'm so glad you did start blogging in english (as my japanese is non-existant...)!

    lovely photos here, i really like the shot of the bus station.

  3. I have to tell you that I always love your photos and the little windows into Japan they give. I am your opposite in location - living in Melbourne but having made my first trip to Tokyo and Kyoto last year. Is it possible to fall in love with a country? I didn't expect to love it so so much. Thanks for your wonderful unique snippets of Japanese life.

  4. いつもとても楽しみにしています。写真がすごくきれい!またときどきお邪魔します。

  5. Your blog is always lovely and your English really is very good! When I first found your blog, I thought you were an expat living in Japan!

  6. hiki-san! this post made me smile like a kid!

    you're english is very very good! i even thought you were some european girl living in tokyo.
    and if you have this urge or want to speak english, don't hesitate to ask me and we'll have coffee in jiyugaoka! (just a suggestion).

    though my english is not that perfect either, from time to time, you'll hear a slight british accent here and there. haha.

  7. youpi !
    My japanese is so non-existant that I am absolutely happy you decided to do it in english !! And your english is perfect. Don't change a thing.
    Bises !!

  8. Your English is excellent! 本当に!I just found your blog a few months ago, but I've been really enjoying your beautiful pictures and cute little finds. Happy one year anniversary!

  9. these are superb shots hiki!
    i agree with everyone else - your english is completely perfect!
    your blog is one of the best there is. i'm so very glad you decided to start writing a blog in english. xx

  10. ooooo those pics look familiar! he he!
    What a lovely day we had!
    Love love
    Hello (omote)Sando

  11. Yay for you Hiki-san and you lovely blog!

  12. I really love your blog, Hiki! I can imagine how difficult it was to not get a response from the readers of your Japanese language blog. I started my blog a bit over a year ago and have very, very slowly gotten a few readers. I still continue with the blog because I love sharing my interests but wish more people would visit and that they would all leave comments when they do. (And your English is very good-- you already speak one language more than I do!)

  13. Wow. I also thought you were an expat living in Tokyo. Your English is very good!

  14. i also have a blog in japanese and started to get bored with it. but like you say, english blogging is totally different.
    i think it's great that you post in english and it's the perfect way to met people from all around the world.

  15. Hello!
    Just thought I'd come out and say hi hehe :)
    I've been reading your blog for a while already, and I loveeee it (:
    Btw, your English is really good! I would have guessed you were a native speaker if I didn't know XD

  16. Fabulous photos! and ditto with the people above, you're english is great!

  17. Hiki,
    Your blog is my inspiration to start blogging in English!!and actually it start something inside me^^ I mean...I love zakka and stationary but nothing happen just collecting and using them until I found your blog! I know that I can do somthing more and now I know that there's somewhere out there,people love the same thing a hidden community that I finally have found!!!

    Thank you.

  18. oh thank you thank you!!
    how sweet some of you thought i was an expat living in tokyo!?!? arigato ;)

  19. your english is wonderful! i've been reading your blog for a while and love love love your beautiful photos. your blog is always a bright spot in my day. :)

  20. Hiki-san you're blog is always so wonderful. I enjoy it very much, it brings a little brightness to my day! I love your photographs, and your store is just doll!
    let this year be as successful as last year.
    p.s. you're English is perfect

  21. :) a happy birthday from me too. Think your english is remarkable and your blogging too!

  22. i LOVE to be on top of buildings in japan!
    i dont know why....i think the view of the rest of the city from so high above, is so lovely and free feelings. i like the contrast between the concrete jungle below, and the clear sky above. its magical.

    i thought about japanese blogs too....i always notice they do not comment very much and it strictly a personal thing as if it doesnt matter if anyone else sees it but them.
    im happy you decided to make a enlgish blog and SHARE great things with us!!!!

  23. happy happy anniversary! i'm happy i found jollygoo! keep up the good work. love the shots of the flower pots on the rooftop!

  24. I just found your blog, and was scrolling down looking at your lovely photos, reading a bit, when I hit this post. I was so surprised to read that you are not a native speaker! Way to go!

    Your blog is just lovely. It brings back memories of my short time living in Tokyo. I sort of forgot how interesting it can be after living in Saitama for so long. Happy Blogiversary!

  25. Thank you, thank you again for all your lovely comments!!!!!!!!! You are all really sweet ARIGATO!!!!

  26. I have only just found your wonderful blog Hiki and i am now going to keep clicking back so i catch up on everything i have missed. Your photographs are so beautiful. The sakura ones are stunning.


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)