sunday lunch
sunday lunch
fabric love
fabric love
hair dresser's window
red wall
mikoshiThough I did go to Vietnam and you've been seeing so much of it recently on my blog, I was still spending most of September in Tokyo. Actually there's quite a lot I have done after coming back from my holidays.

One of the most exciting events was meeting up with lovely Stephanie who is temporarily living in Tokyo. On one beautiful Sunday afternoon, we did a good strolling around in the neighbourhoods around Daikanyama. Curry and Yebisu(beer) at Bombay Bazar, looking at some nice little shops including the fabulous fabric shop I had been longing to go to (who didn't want us taking photos of, hence no shop info here. well i took these photos before we were asked to stop.), stopping for some Japanese sweets in Nakameguro, then we walked all the way up to Ebisu passing a live mikoshi parade from a nearby shrine festival. A beautiful fuschia sky greeted us when we reached at the Ebisu Garden Place and that was a perfect finish to our long (and lovely) afternoon walks. My photo didn't come out so well but do check out Stephanie's from this post!



  1. nothing wrong with your shots!
    mmm, i used to hang out at bombay bazar quite often when i lived in tokyo. glad to see it still looks the same!

  2. Hi, Hiki.
    Bombay Bazar is one of my favorite cafe.
    I love their OKURA yaki, which is filled with so much brueberry paste.

    Happy to hear you have a lovery weekend/\/.

  3. Hi world of sekimachihato,
    Hi marika!
    So you two also love Bombay Bazar yea?
    It used to be my favourite cafe in Daikanyama when I was at high school, well yes looooong time ago :P I wasn't sure if it was still there, but of course it was and nothing had changed!
    Marika, yes i love their OKURA YAKI, but couldn't fit that in after curry and beer, i must go back for it soon ;)

  4. that sounds like a wonderful day! i love both your shots and stephanie's!

  5. I love the shadows on the wall on your first photo! :)

  6. thank you for always posting beautiful pictures of tokyo!
    it keeps me closer since i've become so far :-(
    i LOVE those fabrics!!!!


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