Friday, 25 September 2009

Nashi Pear

Just the other day, a box of nashi pears arrived at my door all out of blue. It was a total surprise and was from my lovely friend who lives in Tochigi prefecture, north of Tokyo. They were the biggest and most delicious nashi I had ever seen or tasted I felt so spoiled! I used to be able to buy nashi pears in Australia but they were not the same. I'm sure you can get them in other countries too but it's best to try them in the homeland so if you are ever in Japan in late summer to early autumn please do try them!
You can learn more about the nashi pear here ;)

Well it's already Friday night here, hope your weekends will be wonderful!



  1. they look just amazing! hooray to good friends...

    happy weekend!

  2. i bet they are sweet. my sister happens to live in tochigi and has voluntarily offered to send me a box of them. i have yet to receive it!

  3. so sweet of your friend to send you nashi out of the blue!
    i love nashi too, way better than apples and pears!

  4. They look beautiful, delicious, and gigantic! I've never seen them here in the States... I'll have to see if anyone carries them here.

  5. i've heard wonderful things of nashi pears. it's the wee hours of the morning here and now i am craving fruit :)

  6. Hmm never heard of them before... But they sound/look delicious!!

  7. they look gigantic, i can imagine they're juicy and sweet as well :-)

  8. these are me FAVOURITE!!!!!
    theyre so crunchy!!! sweet and delicious

  9. hi kristina k,
    yes hooray for good friends!! yay!
    hope you had a lovely weekend ;)

    hi ai-san,
    yes it was sweet (not too sweet) and just devine! smelled beautiful too. wait till you get yours ;)

    hi world of sekimachihato,
    yes i'm a very lucky girl to have such a kind friend! I do like apples and the original pears too, but i really love the special texture and the lightness nashi has!

    hi cathy young,
    yes thank you, they are indeed delicious!

    hi Jennifer,
    well they were certainly gigantic!!!! i hope you can find nashi somewhere, i'm sure you can get them in the states too ;)

    hi melissa,
    actually, nashi pears are perfect for a breakfast! so light and juicy, hope you get to try them soon ;)

    hi Brit,
    thank you for finding my blog! i'm so glad you enjoy it. nashi pears are really delicious ;)

    hi at swim-two-birds,
    they WERE gigantic, it was hard to hold it in my one hand while taking the photo!

    hi aron,
    do you get them in hawaii too? すごく美味しいよね!!!

  10. oishii!!!! nashi are the absolute best. what a lovely friend to send you a surprise box like that:)

  11. hey bree,
    hontouni oishii yo---! and yes my friend is so lovely she sent me the most beautiful strawberries before to, all from tochigi. i'm very lucky ;)

  12. yummy! they're huge! i can imagine how delicious and succulent they are. lucky you :-D

  13. My fave snack while in Japan.Nashi wedges and green tea.

  14. yes yes we get them here too! but they are seasonal, so we only have them in our markets sometimes. i love eating them on quiet weekends :-)

  15. Looks gigantic :) think you'll have to share.


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)

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