vietnam festival
September in Tokyo is the festival season, almost every weekend you'd bump into one or two matsuri (festival) that are held at the shrines here and there. I love the lights and the smell of the matsuri, always reminds me of the excitement and the "doki-doki" feelings I used to have there when I was a child. Talking about the festival, I did go to the Vietnam Festival in Yoyogi as I mentioned here before. Well it was bit of a disappointment, and there's not much to say about it.

The third photo is from the crazy Shibuya crossing I took during the day. I don't go to Shibuya unless I have to which normally doesn't happen so often, but I don't know how many times I went in September, many many times! One day I overheard an American tourist murmur in the exhausted voice "Oh I don't know, but Tokyo seems a little too crowded. *sigh*", I felt exactly the same but at the same time I felt sorry for him and hoped that he got to see the better parts of Tokyo.

Oh and here is a good memory of September from last year, my darling little neice at the local matsuri ;)


  1. I wish I was there to experience the festivals, it sounds like so much fun. Perhaps next year I could go in September.

    Thank you for your comment on Cocca, I felt so lucky to be given permission to photograph their beautiful and amazing shop. I'm already dreaming of the day I go back!!

  2. hi angela!
    yes september is a good time here;)
    did you go to "baden baden" which is run by the same person as cocca? it's so far the best shop in tokyo for me!

    salut Marion!
    yes she is truly cute! i missed her this year at the festival.

  3. festival sounds like so much fun!!! I like that feeling when you anticipate events that come every year!

  4. hi hiki-san. i miss the atmosphere of the festivals in japan. soon there is a japan festival here in the states where i live. it's probably not going to be anything like the matsuri in japan, but it's a good opportunity to go eat mochi :)

    and you are right! it is indeed kaimon dake!

  5. へえええ~!


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)