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Tomoyo Harada is a Japanese singer/actress who used to be a popular idol in the 80s. I had never properly listened to her music before, but I'm getting kind of addicted to her recent works. Her voice is so soft and the tune is nice in the ears. And she wears minä perhonen!!!!! You can see all the minä perhonen dresses she's wearing in her website.

Also in the video clip of "Kuchinashi no oka(くちなしの丘)", my favourite which I've been playing over and over, she's wearing llovely dresses from mina so check it out! (It's amazing she's 41!)


  1. lovely photos, clothes & video!
    oh, i'm nearly 41!

  2. ok, she doesnt look like 41. she's like 28. hmmm.. cute dresses though

  3. I just discovered your blog and... it's a very nice blog and it give me a lot of inspiration... Thank you :)

  4. I want to look like that when I'm 41...

  5. Oh its so beautiful Hiki-san! Thank you so much for sharing! I am so envious of super cute Japanese girls who never seem to age! Lucky you!!!
    Her film clip is so cute! It's beautiful watching how graceful she is! Like lots of Japanese girls!!! Also I love the end when she does that cute laugh!
    Hope you have a happy day!
    Love Love
    Hello Sandwich

  6. what a lovely post, thanks for mentioning her - i'm just listening to her myspace site...

    btw, i've finally passed on the lovely award you've given me to several blog friends. i'm so sorry it took me soooo long... hope you'll forgive me!

    thanks again!

  7. ほんとう きれい!
    those pictures are so beautiful
    and that video is so cute
    love all the clothes and hair changes!

  8. it is so great to see her wearing all the mina perhonen - beautiful!! and like everyone else, i wish i had any chance at all of looking like that when i am 40! lucky you and your age-less japanese genes indeed:)

  9. that really is a lovely video. I love the song too! Thanks for posting it!

  10. Lovely voice and neat video. What is she singing about?

  11. Thank you everyone for leaving lovely comments!
    I guess it's true many Japanese women look younger when we age, but I really think she's one of the special people! I too look much younger than my real age, but I don't think I've ever really enjoyed it so much... maybe I will if I look like her when I'm 40!!! :D

  12. 本当に久しぶりに、見たけど変わってない! 素敵に年をとってる!! 

  13. ね。このひとのもつ空気感が、わたしはとても好きです:)


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