It snowed A LOT in Tokyo yesterday, it was one of the heaviest snowy days we've ever had. In my childhood days we used to get this much snow once or twice every winter in Tokyo but not for a long time! It was so pretty to look at, I love how all the everyday scenes turn so white and different. Now I hear everyone shoveling the snow outside, maybe I should do that too.....or maybe I will go and make a nice cup of tea and look at the melting snow out the window.
Tea wins.

Take care and stay warm everyone!



  1. sooooo bummed I was in Sydney for this! gahhh! Looks so beautiful! Thank you for sharing photos so I could enjoy it a little!
    Back in Tokyo next week woo hoo!

  2. Oh, beautiful ! Mmmmh, tea, blanket and snow, the good mix !

  3. The landscape is beautiful all white.
    In France as it snows a lot since that night...

  4. it started snowing here in belgium yesterday night, brrr!
    i guess tea wins here too :D

  5. It's so beautiful, I miss a lot Tokyo ! Have a nice day Hiki-san :)

  6. I am so jealous, that looks lovely! Our area usually gets snow, but all we've gotten so far this month is lots of fog & rain. :( I hope you enjoy your nice hot tea in that cold weather!


  7. Lovely pictures~ :)
    I've heared that it's rare for Tokyo to have snow, is that true? Because it's close to the ocean..
    anyway, I don't like to shovel snow! I appreciate the whiteness ;)

  8. Dear Hiki your beautiful snow pictures have cooled me down! It is so hot and fiery here, I wish we could have some of your snow.

  9. Lovely snow photos, Hiki! Stay warm this winter. xoxo


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)