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I finally picked up my photos I took with one-use camera I bought at monogram - my favourite camera shop in Gakugeidaigaku when I went with Maria early January. No these are not instagram shots nor have they been trimmed, filtered or photoshopped but this camera takes square photos, and yes it is one of those simple disposal cameras with paper body! Not so bad are they, it was quite fun taking pictures with this camera I enjoyed it very much :)


  1. I've never seen a disposable camera that can take square photos, that sounds really fun. Did it snow that much in Tokyo this year? These are beautiful :)

  2. These are beautiful Hiki! So soft and I love the square images.

  3. I think istagram is ok, but nothing is better than a real film camera.
    I am never sure how the picture will come out, which is what I like.

  4. Wonderful and beautiful! I have reusable cameras that take square images but have never seen a disposable camera that can. I wish they had them in the US!

  5. Those photos are awesome Hiki, at first I tought they were taken with a rollei !

  6. Shirley, yes it did snow 3 times this year in tokyo. this winter has been really cold!

    mizu designs, thank you, i think i might get this camera again it would be a good one to take to a trip!

    Rina, arigatou! and happy belated birthday to you too, you are an aquarian too! hope you had a lovely one :)

    Jennifer, thank you! the square one is not common here either but it's pretty good!!e

    Narumi, oh what a complement! i wish i had a real rollei!! ;)

    1. Poor thing, I heard it's turning a little warmer now. Hang in there! Sakura soon!

  7. Those are some of the best pictures I've seen with a disposable. Very good balance of light I must say.

  8. lovely! i want to see how the camera looks like <3


  9. i want a square film camera!!
    love these Hikisan!!


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)