Sunny and Summery Thursday with Hello Sandwich having a nice lunch at favourite cafe, buying charity artwork, lovely walk with non-stop instagraming, working together back at my apartment. Such a jolly afternoon it was.

The artwork I bought is by a Swiss artist called Mirjam Joss. I googled her name but not much was found. Does anyone know anything about her? I want to tell her that I really love what I got.

Also bought some help japan badges from the cafe ohanaya (they do a couple of charity drinks too), and some help japan project post cards from gellerie doux dimanche by SOLEDAD and AT-SWIM-TWO-BIRDS (her original artwork was also exhibited and it was so beautiful! wish i could afford it......)!!!

You can see all the artworks that were donated from all over the world here!

I hope everyone's Thursday has been and will be lovely too!
And Happy Golden Week to those who are in Japan :)


  1. いいね!
    Unfortunately, I am not familiar with Miram Joss. The artwork is really nice though.
    I've read about Golden Week in Japan. So many holidays!

  2. Art for a good cause - my kinda thing!! What's Golden Week?

  3. i love your Instagram pics

  4. Hello Hiki,
    This is a brilliant post! ;)
    Love Sandwich xoxo

  5. What a lovely lovely blog, I love it! Also love your instagrams. I'm hooked..

  6. I'm first time to your blog.
    And I love your blog so much.

    I have a masking tape fun swap in my blog.
    Hope you could join me :)

  7. Hi hiki a very fine post you have sone. And beautiful pictures. Greetings from Copenhagen

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  9. I like your blog! The simplicity and it's cuteness is what i like the most :) ,good job! i love the images that you posted above. Keep on posting.

  10. wow! I really appreciate the artwork you've made. It really attracts me a lot. So cool.

  11. I appreciate you writing this post. It was so fantastic when you read and you can count on me to share it with others...Thank you for sharing;)


your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)