I have been spending a long time flipping the pages of the latest issue of Casa BRUTUS daydreaming I was living in these stunning houses featured in it. Gosh it's hard to come back out of it!

Casa BRUTUS has a special residential architecture issue annually and the current issue is "the" issue! It features the latest and the most powerful Japanese residential architecture in the past year including "villa in Hayama" by Kazuyo Sejima of SANAA.

It also features some masterpiece of Japanese architecture mentioning how not so many of them having been kept to this day and that is not only because in Japan "old" is often considered "bad" while "new" is often preferred especially when it comes to housing, but also there is a huge inheritance tax problem in this country and that is making it very difficult for people to keep the houses after they inherited. Even the famous beautiful historical house which our Empress had been brought up in was sold and got demolished with the same reason. It is sad.



  1. such a clever mag! hope you're well!

  2. It is so different to Europe isn't it where the old houses are pretty much always kept.

    This isn't really relevant but Hayama is where my father is from!

  3. i actually bought my first casa brutus magazine in california. it had the moomins on it. hahah

  4. hello gini! how are you lovely? hope you and gini family are all well and happy :)

    alice, yes it's different here, earthquake also does big damages to old houses too :(
    and wow your dad is from Hayama! it's a lovely place isn't it!!

    Aron, i know that issue! so cute!!! ;)

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your kind words are always welcome and appreciated! arigato :)